The Crazy Collaborative Dictionary (2005-2023)

As part of our study of word origins in the English language, students had to invent a few of their own words that could someday be included in a real dictionary — see Frindle by Andrew Clements for inspiration.This ever-growing dictionary is actually the result of sixth grade students from 2005 through 2023 (with a blip during the Pandemic Remote Learning year), and it represents a collaboration across time. We have also added podcasting to our dictionary so you can listen to the voices of the inventors of words. (NOTE: We are migrating audio files so THIS LINK will bring you to a master folder — the podcast links for each individual word are not working right now) You can also view just the words from 2023 here.


Abamao (2012) – The skill of tripping/falling for no reason and being congratulated for it. Listen to the Podcast

Abermama– (2008) An animal that is a combination of a dog and a bear Listen to the definition

Ack-chonk (2021): A fat cat that makes a shrill acking sound, a type of meow  (listen to the audio)

Acituan (2015) — When you slap someone in the face (Listen to the podcast)

Addad (2023): In math where you pull an Uno reverse card out.

Addbioic (2021):  The way that giraffes talk. (listen to the audio)

Adnama (2014) – a giant carnivorous cat like animal usually found in southern Mexico. Listen to the podcast

Adufalufagin (2005) – a type of butter

Ahconaj (2012)- The state of when your foot/feet are asleep. Listen to the Podcast

Aheolaphoalamprosolpooslopeleroadeasoloper (2005) – very small dog

Ahsatan (2006) – the act of dreaming

Ahsila (2009) –the act of laughing continuously for no reason at all. Usually over a long time period. Listen to the definition

Ailuj (2019) – A sandwich filled with only vegetables (listen to the podcast)

Airotciv (2014) — Feeling the need for more air than actually needed.

Alfergno (2007) -The act of eating pasta. Listen to the definition

Alphapet (2010) – A pet that knows how to spell. Listen to the word

Ameema– (2008) a disease that causes you to laugh uncontrollably Listen to the definition

Amic (2017) — A time when all is pitch black Listen to the podcast

Ana (2010) – Really ugly. Listen to the word

Anatorexis – (2013) The act of falling asleep in a very boring situation. Listen to the podcast

Angrified (2010) – The state of being very very angry. Listen to the word

Annahypoism (2015) – a disease that makes you really hyper until you die (Listen to the podcast)

Antibiblious — (2008) Against books. Listen to the definition

Antibiopedthermology (2016) — Being against feet that have heat Listen to the Podcast

Antiphonism (2006) – the act of being against phones.

Antiphonism (2019) — The act of being against listening to sound (listen to the podcast)

Antisleftate (2014)- Being against wearing your left sock inside out. //Listen to the podcast//

Anyale (2019) — When you sit down for a long time and your butt print is on the chair (listen to the podcast)

Aratraponomik (2017) — The act of tripping on air while drinking doorknob flavored milk. Listen to the Podcast

Argnloth – (2012) -The time of the day when your eyes turn into donuts shaped like frogs. Listen to the Podcast

Arttart — (2018) — Someone who does not understand the meaning behind a piece of artwork. Listen to the Definition

Ashoush (2007) – Shutting someone up when what you have to say is much more important. Listen to the definition

Asorad (2011)— The act of randomly flying in mid air. Listen to the definition

Asudem– (2010) The act of having to much facial hair! Listen to the word

Atkizolation (2018) — The act of stealing a potato and riding pig. Listen to the Definition

Atonikon (2023): The act of eating paper with toys in it.

Atsnov (2011) – A snowmobile mixed with an ATV. Listen to the definition

Awesomickle (2011) — Something very awesome or, an awesome pickle. Listen to the definition

Awzzers (2021): A crazy, funny, loyal, and nice personality. (listen to the audio)

Avoxism (2019) — The act of making things come to life (listen to the podcast)


Babaloups – lack of control (2005)

Babolisttingies (2014) The act of being surprised [often used to replace bad words] //Listen to the podcast//

BaelboeclnoyopositionypleoziymL (2018) — A contagious fungus. Listen to the Definition

Bagun- (2011) – A type of weapon that shoots bacon or bagels with a large assortment of toppings. Listen to the definition

Bailmonkraffe (2009): A monkey and a giraffe combined. Listen to the definition

Baloknose (2019) — When you get a runny nose for no reason (listen to the podcast)

Balop (2006) – a popped balloon with a string

Baallboot (2022): a shoe shaped as a ball (listen to the podcast)

Bannacofalota (2010) – A cold you get from eating to many bananas and drinking to much coffee. Listen to the word

Banpelznugbredtchuing (2014) The act of peeling a banana and breading a chicken nugget. //Listen to the podcast//

Barkbeats-(2014) Headphones that make you bark when talking and listening at the same time. //Listen to the podcast//

Barouph (2009)- A furry beast. Listen to the definition

Beataolumacoo (2009) – Something that is just out of reach. Listen to the definition

Beatles (2015) – A disease that you get where you turn into a Beatle

Belegader (2022): The act of turning into a rat and screaming words  (listen to the podcast)

Besnewkenyfaleblaboozleflogincalenhimeyenelkeneryalsher-A person who talks a lot (2007) Listen to the definition

Betterer (2014) To do something better than all others around you //Listen to the podcast//

Bibbl (2017) — Someone who blows bubbles Listen to the Podcast

Bibbling– (2008) The act of being serious

Biblioful (2016): A place filled with books. Listen to the Podcast

Bidana – (2008) a pink fruit with blue and magenta stripes. Listen to the definition

Bindere – (2008) A folder type thing that holds all of your school supplies. Listen to the definition

Biofreeze (2015) — verb, the act of freezing air creating ice out of air (Listen to the podcast)

Bisty (2021): To hit weak and fast. (listen to the audio)

Blankadoodle (2006) – a blank piece of paper

Blaping (2023): The act of barking very loud

Blate (2009)- Another word for goat.

Blible (2012) – The act of stuttering while you talk. Listen to the Podcast

Blingshion (2017) — The act of seeing everything in gold Listen to the Podcast

Blizz-a-pole (2011) – A pole that shoots snow out the sides, Listen to the definition

Blizzle – (2008) — Lots of homework. Listen to the definition

Blizzle (2018) — When you catch a football. Listen to the Definition

Blobom (2005) – Clothing

Bloke (2007) – A person who is acting silly or being wieird Listen to the definition

Blond Dream (2012) – The act of forgetting where you are and day dreaming at the same time. Listen to the Podcas

BlubberLoaf (2009) – A very fat lazy person. Listen to the definition

Blumpnet (2009) – A musical instrument that is a cross between a bassoon, flute, drum, trumpet, clarinet, and a rubber ducky. Listen to the definition

Blunum- A disease when you feel numb all over (2007) Listen to the definition

Blurf (2015) – To suddenly forget something (Listen to the podcast)

Blurin — (2008) cold.

Blurk (2005) – to burp while talking

Boam (2018) — The act of smashing your finger into a box. Listen to the Definition

Boccer: (2014) Babies playing soccer //Listen to the podcast//

Bochley (2015) When you climb a tree and you can’t get down(Listen to the podcast)

Bock (2005) – making a weird sound

Bofes (2015) A mix of a bow and a knife (Listen to the podcast)

Bogest (2005) – part ogre/part beast

Bogustus (2016): Very stupid or ridiculous Listen to the Podcast

Bok Choism (2010) — The act of being chocolaty. Listen to the word

BOJ (2007) – Avery light substace Listen to the definition

Bolopolob (2018) — A pencil/pen. Listen to the Definition

Bomi– (2013) A secret number between 27 and 28. Listen to the podcast

Boognashous (2014)- The act of eating like a bear. Listen to the podcast

Boogylonga (2006) – the act of dancing crazily in front of a large crowd.

Bookaniac (2017) — A person who feels they need to read a lot – a book maniac. Listen to the Podcast

Boonshkey (2022): A reptile that is really cute to you but not to other people.  (listen to the podcast)

Booshful (2018) — A way of acting prideful about something unimpressive. Listen to the Definition

Boousarane (2023): A car, plane, boat, house, all in one

Bringe (2023): A bridge with stairs.

Bort (2018) — The act of getting angry because of a loss. Listen to the Definition

Bougcan (2016): Very bouncy Listen to the Podcast

Breakfastico (2011) – A royal and expensive breakfast. Listen to the definition

Breakslow – (2013) The act of eating breakfast extremely slowly Listen to the podcast

Brop (2005) — talking non-stop

Brougish (2009) – When your brother is afraid of eating octopus. Listen to the definition

Brubble (2005) – a bubble suit that lets you jump high and far

Bublegubl (2018) — Running around and blowing bubbles at once. Listen to the Definition

Buffa (2019) — When you break something (listen to the podcast

Bugaslug (2006) – The residue from a squashed spider

Buggle (2010)– To bug out in a freakish manner. Listen to the word

Bumbastilicfoof (2014)- The act of eating a fluffy object //Listen to the podcast//

Bumpertiveable– (2011) Not being aware of the things around you because something is blocking your eyesight. Listen to the definition

Bumption– (2010) – You cant stop bumping. Listen to the word

Bungus (2019) — A game that is edible (listen to the podcast)

Bunnyflop (2011) – When the bunny is ears are flopping. Listen to the definition

Bunster (2016): A mix of a bunny and a hamster Listen to the Podcast

Burart (2017) — When you burp and fart at the same time. Listen to the Podcast

Burpsnurt (2017) — When you burp,fart, and sneeze at the same time. Listen to the Podcast

Bushmintate (2014) The act of spraying a bush with air freshener! //Listen to the podcast//

Butterframe (2010) – A frame made out of BUTTER!!!!!!!!!! Listen to the word

Buzadoo (2015) A feeling when you are feeling excited (Listen to the podcast)

Buzznaple (2009)- To be stung by a bee while drinking Snapple. Listen to the definition

Bzeeb (2006) – the act of being cool.



Cabooble– (2013) to fall or trip over air. Listen to the podcast

Cakegun (2011) A gun that shots out cake, any flavor, any frosting, any topping, you choose, Listen to the definition

Caldahorn– (2013) a loud noise with a high pitch Listen to the podcast

Calideer (2014) A deer in the shape of a calendar. //Listen to the podcast//

Callini Kerr – (2011) A half and half mix of water and soda, Listen to the definition

Caillouf (2019) — When Caillou oofs (listen to the podcast)

Canacoca (2010) – A candy that tastes like anything you want. Listen to the word

Candatop (2012) – The top of a candle. Listen to the Podcast

Candert: – (2013) A shirt made out of candy. Listen to the podcast

Canese (2006) – a cough and a sneeze all at the same time.

Caprating (2006) – a special dance

Cark (2017) — When you get seasick in the car and then barf. Listen to the Podcast

Carlapa (2018) — The act of owning lots of fish and talking to them. Listen to the Definition

Cartala- (2011)– When you have triple lunch, Listen to the definition

Cartardedested (2023): Act of driving backwards

Cawakity (2012) – A rare, stupid chicken. Listen to the Podcast

Cellfish (2021): The act of talking on the phone. (listen to the audio)

Chaksta (2011) — Chocolate-flavored pasta, Listen to the definition

Chamberalage (2023): The act of being allergic to old facts.

Cheesip – (2011) A whip that is made out of cheese, Listen to the definition

Cheezitis (2019) — When you eat to much cheese so you get sick (listen to the podcast)

Chekeeza (2019) — When you cough and wheeze at the same time (listen to the podcast)

Chelllllow (2010) – the word to say when someones all ready said hello and you don’t want to copy them! Listen to the word

Chezinel (2022): The act of eating cheese and driving  (listen to the podcast)

Chiggle -a dog that’s not fully grown (2007) Listen to the definition

Chimi (2015) — A n00b or annoying person (Listen to the podcast)

Chimpy (2010) – A chip that is for your comfort and looks like a monkey. Listen to the word

Chinsuwkon (2018) — The act of having multiple dog breeds in one dog. Listen to the Definition

Chippers: (2008) Small pliers used to crush chips to dust.

Chocochalk (2014) – Chalk that works on any surface, the end tastes like chocolate so you can chew on it if you get stuck or confused. //Listen to the podcast//

Chocolicken (2011) — A chocolate flavored chicken. Listen to the definition

Chowchow (2006) — Hay

Chubywaby (2006)– To see or to be with a fat person

Chucamunkchikdafunk (2012) ~ A lime green fat cow. Listen to the Podcast

Chucksterpod– (2013) The act of throwing your ipod or iphone at the wall Listen to the podcast

Chungchungdraelleeffenism (2021): The act of throwing a perfect softball pitch and chugging water at the same time. (listen to the audio)

ChunkyChoco (2019) — A chunk of chocolate that is bigger than your head (listen to the podcast)

Ci (2005) – to pretend to be interesting

Cilpen (2007) — having too many pens and pencils.

Cimirhtodne (2016): The state of being crazy or being weird in a way that people don’t like. Listen to the Podcast

Cinderfella– (2011) – Who lets you in Cinderella’s Castle. Listen to the definition

Cisum (2005) – Tunes that people listen to for entertainment

Clandna (2006) – The act of constantly forgetting where you are.

Clapology (2012) -The study of clapping. Listen to the Podcast

Claseep (2016): The act of falling asleep during school or class. Listen to the Podcast

Clickshen (2019) — A person who clicks on too many things on a computer or laptop (listen to the podcast)

Clockulater– (2011) Tells time anywhere in the world, Listen to the definition

Cloed: (2013) To sled down some stairs that are covered in clothes. Listen to the podcast

Cloony: (2008) The act of being a kook. Not knowing anything. Listen to the definition

Clownophobia (2007)  Having an extensive fear of clowns Listen to the definition

Clugl (2007- Something you drink out of.) Listen to the definition

Cockapooch (2023): A dog mixed with the type of bird, the cockatoo

Cocolaypaii (2019) — A Hawaiian Lei made of coconut shells (listen to the podcast)

Cog (2015) half cat half dog (Listen to the podcast)

Cogurt (2018) — Cold Yogurt. Listen to the Definition

Cokkle (2016): Something or someone in the state of being upside down. Listen to the Podcast

Colorfuller (2005) – When trees turn orange

Colup (2018) — It is cold soup. Listen to the Definition

Compoteron: (2013) Using a computer and a pot to make horses. Listen to the podcast

Confoodled (2015) — the act of being really confused(Listen to the podcast)

Confusled (2009)– In such a state of confusion that you run into walls. Listen to the definition

Confrazzle (2014) – in the state of being confused for a long period of time. //Listen to the podcast//

Confuzzled (2009) — Very confused.

Conoge– (2011) A cat acting like a dog. Listen to the definition

Conslop (2022): when you slap someone with a can.  (listen to the podcast)

Coolheatjacket (2018) — A jacket that if you are in the cold it reacts to the cold and heats up and if you’re in hot weather, it cools down. Listen to the Definition

Coopbox– (2013) a box that is small but big on the inside. Listen to the podcast

Corresec (2014)  A long dark hallway that seems to go on forever. //Listen to the podcast//

Cowcalama: (2008) Loving cows more than anything in the whole wide world. Listen to the definition

Cowtle: (2008) A mix of a cow and turtle. Listen to the definition

Crayhome (2006) – To write on the walls of your house

Craypen (2010) – A pencil and a crayon mixed together. Listen to the word

Creenzack: (2013) Verb. To cough, sneeze, and hack at the same time. Listen to the podcast

Crightnow (2023): When you can’t right now

Cringecat (2017) — The act of being socially awkward. Listen to the Podcast

Cropachino (2009)- Corn-flavored coffee. Listen to the definition

Crossicle: (2013) The act of doing cross – eyed while eating a Popsicle. <3 * Listen to the podcast

Crunkmonk–(2011) A fat monkey that is fat and very cranky for no apparent reason. Listen to the definition

Cuberbugernuber (2023): Fear of eating a burger with a cucumber.

Cuffubble: (2013) To accidentally walk or run into a door. Listen to the podcast

Cupangtic (2017) — An ocean that is filled with mango-flavored cupcakes Listen to the Podcast

Curtainfrost (2017) — When Jack Frost farts on your curtain Listen to the Podcast

Cwong (2012) – the act of coughing and yawning at the same time. Listen to the Podcast



Dabbit (2017) — An act of a bunny dabbing to (hotline bling ) Drake. Listen to the Podcast

Dacking (2022): Getting on your knees and acting like a duck  (listen to the podcast)

Dactuler (2014)  the act of when you are playing gaga ball in gym when suddenly your dog shows up and tackles you //Listen to the podcast//

Daflerp (2015) — A goo-like paste in the shape of a bunny rabbit (Listen to the podcast)

Dagamommom (2017) — The name of an anime that can easily be said wrong Listen to the Podcast

Danceography (2022): The act of writing on large pieces of paper to learn or teach dance  (listen to the podcast)

Dannydevitoyeetusphobia (2022):  The fear of Danny DeVito throwing one off of a cliff.  (listen to the podcast)

Dargen- the act of being hyper (2007) Listen to the definition

Dasaning (2014) – The act of drinking water made by he Coca-Cola company. //Listen to the podcast//

Datllamasourseegg (2017) — An evil dinosaur that likes pablo juice //Listen to the Podcast//

Deathowakaydeyums (2009) — People who mysteriously turn into flesh eating fairies of death. Listen to the definition

Delovely (2006) – Delightful and lovely at the same time

Dentmicrology (2010) : The study of small and tiny teeth. Listen to the word

Derbs (2015) — Small aliens that look like snails with big feet. (Listen to the podcast)

Derp (2015) — To make a mistake or fail (Listen to the podcast)

Dersation- (2011) The act of pretending to be depressed when your really trying to get attention. Listen to the definition

Desotnoc (2015) — The act of being happy, mad, sad and glad.

Dessertsuprize (2019) — When you have a dessert and combine it with other desserts (listen to the podcast)

Dezzesnublis (2022): The act of saying DES NUTS  (listen to the podcast)

Dicshtative: (2008) A really well written dictionary. Listen to the definition

Dinser: (2008) The act of being uncontrolled or crazy. Listen to the definition

Dinxum (2012) – A steak-flavored cereal. Listen to the Podcast

Dirdle (2019) — When aliens will take over the world (listen to the podcast)

/Diviconia/ Divic – 91 (2023): A disease that will make you become rainbow and you like pickles and bananas

Dizepy- (2011) To be dizzy and sleepy at the same time. Listen to the definition

Dobbyssock: (2008) Having lots of holes in your socks. Listen to the definition

Doemiksar (2016): The act of eating donuts while stranded in the Sahara Listen to the Podcast

Doof (2023): The act of eating to much food

Donka – Tape that dosen’t stick (2007) Listen to the definition

Donkasorusrex (2016): The act of being a stupid. Listen to the Podcast

Donut Cop: (2008) A cop that is paid to eat donuts. Example: The Donut Cop loves his job. Listen to the definition

Doribos (2010): Chips of doribos. Listen to the word

Dorow (2016): To laugh so hard that you can’t breathe anymore and start crying. :3 Listen to the Podcast

Drago (2015) –A creature used to protect people (Listen to the podcast)

Drare: (2013) When you see something with a rainbow pony unicorn on top. Listen to the podcast

Drawkcabology– (2013) the study of backwards writing Listen to the podcast

Dreamininolockny – (2011) the ability to have a dream so strong that you can be stuck in it forever. Listen to the definition

Dribydrity (2005) – Spilling food all over the front of yourself

Drow (2005) – Being asked a question you can’t answer

Drow (2023): Being asked a question you can’t answer

Drow (2014) – The act of saying a word backwards. //Listen to the podcast//

Drutar: (2011) A drum shaped like a guitar that you can wear over your shoulder. Ex. I played my Drutar in the school assembly.

Dulope (2005) – An elevator that talks

Dumbleduckie (2023): When a duck is spazzed out

Durk (2015) — A dark drink that is bad for you. (Listen to the podcast)

Dym (2005) – To enjoy what you are doing

Dynamicroscopicsilicovovolcanogin (2006) – Any powerful cures tending to or involving inhaling microscopic silica dust thrown by a volcano.



Eaothyn (2005) – a big animal with horns that eats only people, cows and lemons

Eazump – A vicious storm that contains lava, ice rain, hail and shards of glass [looks like a tornado, landslide, volcanic eruption and earthquake]. (Listen to the podcast)

Ecallow (2011)– When you get stuck in a book and you don’t hear anything around you. Listen to the definition

Eciuj (2017) — Smelling like rainbows //Listen to the Podcast//

Ecnad (2006) – Someone who lives for dancing

Edica (2017) — The act of being weird Listen to the Podcast

Edumacational (2009) – something educational but not entirely. Listen to the definition

Eetelreck (2018) — The act of falling out of a tree. Listen to the Definition

Egiap– An animal with a crazy brain that sees thing differently (Listen to the podcast)

Eh (2019) — The exact definition of maybe (listen to podcast)

Eilyr (2016): An alien type creature with 3 eyes, 2 pink pigtails, and blue body color Listen to the Podcast

Eiznekcam (2009)- A small, hyper animal that eats fruit and is usually confused with a ferret.Listen to the definition

Elah (2007) – The act of finding a shoe Listen to the definition

Eledoodle (2005) – An animal like an elephant that fits in your pocket and doodles with its trunk and talk

Elgoog (2016): To find something that has been lost Listen to the Podcast

Ellacutie: (2013) a really cute baby named Ella Listen to the podcast

Elliab (2009) — Someone who is walking into walls randomly for no reason. Listen to the definition

Elloh (2021): The act of someone speaking gibberish or saying something that no one understands. (listen to the audio)

Eloken (2012) – A mythical creature hidden in the woods. Listen to the Podcast

Elppa (2005) – An apple

Elpustodutchimetcomachungka (2014) The act of doing nothing. //Listen to the podcast//

Eniel (2016): The act of rising from the ground while glowing Listen to the Podcast

ERARLAEGHHDHELALR!!! (2023): The act of planting sentient plants to defend your house from invaders.

Erming (2010): When you step on the back of someone’s heel. Listen to the word

Ershnoff (2012) – When someone pulls your hair. Listen to the Podcast

Erutcip (2006) – Spending a lot of time drawing

Esava – a shuriken (2007) Listen to the definition

Esinad (2017) — The act of having a stress ball pop in public Listen to the Podcast

Eskomy— (2008) A person who loves the snow. Listen to the definition

Evirdmus (2016): The act of driving in a car and listening to music at the same time Listen to the Podcast

Ewihnk (2021): When you make a mistake in a video game. (listen to the audio)

Exboomwad (2016): When a fish jumps out of water and dies and/or explodes. Listen to the Podcast

Excitminded: (2013) the act of being too excited to do anything straight Listen to the podcast

Exlpooby (2019) — When you have a lot of energy and then poop your pants because you are scared or nervous (listen to the podcast)

Extraflamatory: (2013) the act of creating a word that has nothing to do with its definition. Listen to the podcast

Exub (2019) — When you want to take a picture of your self (listen to the podcast)

Eyebald (2019) — Having no eyebrows (listen to the podcast)

Eyeuts (2022): The act of busting your eyeball.  (listen to the podcast)



Facebook (2014) The act of reading a book closely up to your face. //Listen to the podcast//

Fajigle– (2013) the act of bouncing while you walk. Listen to the podcast

Fallypop (2012) – A lollypop that falls from the sky. Listen to the Podcast

Fantasportology (2022): The act of deciding who you are going to pick in your fantasy football league  (listen to the podcast)

Farckel (2018) — A disease when you have freckles. Listen to the Definition

Fashionolala (2014) A little box that has all of your clothes in it. //Listen to the podcast//

Fashizzledizzle (2016): The act of listening to rap music Listen to the Podcast

Fatamychicken (2018) — A fat chicken named Amy. Listen to the Definition

Feboafapafipaflapaflorbo (2007) – A large creature of great power Listen to the definition

Fechool (2022): Having a fear of school.  (listen to the podcast)

Fedge(2007)  A small mouse like creature Listen to the definition

Fegg (2007) — A type of tree that has average height of 200 feet. Listen to the definition

Feelcircle (2005) – a place where people sit in a circle and share their feelings

Ffolight (2018) — The act of reading in the dark. Listen to the Definition

Ffutssdrawkcabmodnar (2009)- The act of talking backwards about random stuff. Listen to the definition

Fgazt (2015) — The act of being a fat green blob (Listen to the podcast)

Fiddlery: (2013) The act of doing the opposite of what one should be doing Listen to the podcast

Fiddle-Gurk (2018) — The act of falling out of a tree. Listen to the Definition

Figaloo (2012) – The act of eating figs in an igloo. Listen to the Podcast

Fike (2005) – an animal that resembles a goat

Fillypuff (2012) – A puffball that has horse legs and that can run as fast as a filly.

Fingerlashitis (2019) — A disease in which your finger nails are eyelashes and eyelashes are finger nails (listen to the podcast)

Fingsh (2018) — The act of being able to turn into a fish. Listen to the Podcast

Firdodly-(2014) Animals fur all messy. //Listen to the podcast//

Fishgold -The act of eating a really lot (2007) Listen to the definition

Fishyish (2006) — something that looks like or acts like a fish.

Fizzybombpoof (2011)– All sodas mixed together. Listen to the definition

Flabagaber (2006) – nonsense or bad luck, or an expression of anger

Flabberdootle (2012) – A platypus, walrus, dragon, and alligator. Listen to the Podcast

Flabalabadingdong (2021): A dancing rat with chains on. (listen to the audio)

Flaglenapped (2016): The act being slapped by a monkey from central South America while sitting on a leaf green park bench reading a 421 paged nonfiction book on a slightly foggy Sunday morning in the middle of the second week of April. Listen to the Podcast

Flaglepuff: (2013) A puffy pink creature that can fly. Listen to the podcast

Flagerpoped (2017) — Being hit in the head while making popcorn Listen to the Podcast

Flak-o-phobia (2023): The phobia of being scared of snowflakes

Flamy (2016): The act of being very grumpy in the morning. Listen to the Podcast

Flanilleabuae (2016): The act of swallowing a button in your sleep. Listen to the Podcast

Flairzing (2017) — The imagination to experiment with multiple glitter colors to make a design that’s elaborate and new. Listen to the Podcast

Flappyba – (2014) When you go to sleep standing up. Listen to the podcast

Flego (2011)- The act of when your left leg hurts for no apparent reason. Listen to the definition

Fliboyed (2015) — When down a series of stairs (Listen to the podcast)

Flickadroodle-(2014) To flick far or wildly. //Listen to the podcast//

Flipaniary (2006) – The act of wanting to flip.

Flibergish (2011)– The act of eating a book. Listen to the definition

Flipies — (2008) A hippie who flips uncontrollably

Fliplation (2010) – the extent to which you can flip. Listen to the word

Flipsticks– (2013) flip-flops that never fall off your feet Listen to the podcast

Flofing (2011)– The act of falling for no reason. Listen to the definition

Floging (2011) The act of forgetting what you were going to say. Listen to the definition

Floggy– (2008) To rain down frogs when it is floggy outside. Listen to the definition

FloobiNoobi (2021): When you’re just bad at games. (listen to the audio)

Floof (2019) — A cute tiny animal that looks like a cotton ball with wings (listen to the podcast)

Flooferpoofer (2019) — A big fluffy white wolf with 1 blue eye and 1 purple eye with a pink nose and a rainbow unicorn horn (listen to the podcast)

Flool (2009)- A blanket used to cover cats. Listen to the definition

Floopy (2010)- The act of feeling off balanced, and crazy. Listen to the word

Floppaganda (2015) — To over-exaggerate a flop (Listen to the podcast)

Floppashousness-(2014) When your arms and legs flop uncontrollably. Listen to the podcast

Flowly— (2013) you fall but you fall slowly. Listen to the podcast

Flubberblubber-(2014) A very fat animal. //Listen to the podcast//

Flubernuggets (2010)- a chicken nugget deep fried in Fluber. (flour, latex, and rubber.) Listen to the word

Fluckadooa-(2014) Singing of doo-da all day long. //Listen to the podcast//

Fluffent-(2014) A purple hairy elephant. //Listen to the podcast//

Flugin-a word you say when your confused you say it and it will fix everything.(2007) Listen to the definition

Fluglemunph (2005) – A stink bug

Flufferbutterpoop (2009)- To run with butter in your pants. Listen to the definition

Fluffpuff (2007) A small, fluffball-like Listen to the definition

Flump– (2008) A big bunch of people. Listen to the definition

Flurble (2006) – the act of running into walls, doors or windows

Fluzly (2010) -soft, puffy and pink. Listen to the word

Fluzzy (2009) – Being both fluffy and fuzzy Example: After my dog goes to the groomers, he is very fluzzy. Listen to the definition

Fohan (2009)- Fohan is when you grow a foot where you are suppose to have a hand and grow a hand where you usually have a foot. Fohan is a rare disease. To fix Fohan, treatment is to surgically remove both and connect both to their proper place. Listen to the definition

Foob (2006) – Liquidized solid foods, primarily for the elderly or young.

Fooglee (2015) A disease that makes you say chicken a lot (Listen to the podcast)

Fooshy (2019) — Very Very squishy ; food like (listen to the podcast)

Fopitu (2023): Eating tofu while jogging on a treadmill

Foughtle (2007)  People, animals, or things that waddle when they walk Listen to the definition

Frazzle (2010) – The act of shaking up soda and opening it. =D Listen to the word

Freglisgire (2023): When giraffes can’t read english they can only read french

Frilocity (2007 Loving French Fries ) Listen to the definition

Frinkba– (2008) Really small people that can fit in your hand who are willing to be friends with you. Listen to the definition

Frizzlesnare (2022): When your hair is frizzy and naughty  (listen to the podcast)

Froast (2009)- funny-shaped toast Listen to the definition

Frozzy — (2008) Being so overly tired that you are very, very hyper.

Frubbles (2015) — The frothy bubbles made when blowing into chocolate milk (Listen to the podcast)

Frugalflof (2018) — Playing basketball upside down. Listen to the Definition

Fudgernuckle (2019) — When you’re in awe and ticked off at the same time (listen to the podcast)

Fudgu (2023): The act of watching Bubble Guppies

Fugiggling — (2008) The act of laughing for no reason. Listen to the definition

Fundorfuffly (2012) – The name for a 555 page book about camels and koala bears. Listen to the Podcast

Fungoe (2022): The act of eating toe fungus  (listen to the podcast)

Fungy: (2013) Green slime in between your toes:) <3 B) Listen to the podcast

Funner – (2013) More fun than fun Listen to the podcast

Funner (2016): The act of having more fun! Listen to the Podcast

Funzy (2009)- having fun without any control Listen to the definition

Fuzzle (2007)  Being very fluffy, cute, and cuddly! Listen to the definition

Furf (2016): A piece of fur that moves Listen to the Podcast

Furzzles — To be very excited and energetic. Listen to the definition

Fuwingvum (2011)- The way of saying the height, weight, length of something without saying how big it really is. Listen to the definition

Fydo (2010) – a very small soccer stadium. Listen to the word



Gack (2018) — When you climb a tree and find a slug. Listen to the Definition

Gailoble (2018) — The act of being funny. Listen to the Definition

Gaja — (2008) When you are jumping on a trampoline and you fall off.

Gajoople (2015) — The act of walking on your hands. (Listen to the podcast)

Galoop (2016): A sleep over that is unplanned. Listen to the Podcast

Gamatugafutamoochakalaputa (2009) : death Listen to the definition

Game Potato (2006) – Playing video games for a very long time.

Gangstalishis (2009)- to be so gangsta that you’re called gangstalishis Listen to the definition

Gantos (2012) – An over reaction over something stupid. Example: My mom went Gantos when she couldn’t find her bracelet. Listen to the Podcast

Garlisoulifyilousis (2023): The act of eating garlic cutely.

Garmy (2019) — Someone or something that is incredibly cringy or awkward (listen to the podcast)

Garnilanets (2015) — Evil rats with no hair and no feet, with pink eyes and blue skin. (Listen to the podcast)

Gasioli –(2005) — An awkward and strange type of pasta that makes the consumer pass gas uncontrollably

Gelo (2016): A popped purple balloon. Listen to the Podcast

Geoultrathermalologists (2010)- A person who studies high temperatures in the ground. Listen to the word

Giarc (2017) –Being able to lift anything with your pinkie finger. Listen to the Podcast

Gibbish (2011)– A disease that makes you fat and jiggly. You also can be gibberish at some point. Listen to the definition

Gilp (2022): When you have gills as a human  (listen to the podcast)

Gimongahenanitis (2012) – a sickness developed by some chickens that makes them grow up to 8 feet tall and weigh over 200 pounds. It also makes them want to climb to the top branch and eat the leaves. Listen to the Podcast

Ginormous (2023): The act of being giant and enormous in one.

Gip (2014) The act of a pig walking backwards. //Listen to the podcast//

Gip (2016): A backwards moving, eating, sleeping etc. pig Listen to the Podcast

Gladology (2011) The study of early gladiators. Listen to the definition

Glasnow – snow that glows (Listen to the podcast)

Glib: (2013) a sticker that is a big smiley face Listen to the podcast

Gloafoppy (2014) A type of slime that can turn into what ever you want. //Listen to the podcast//

Globeitis (2021): A disease where you get hives if you go near a globe. (listen to the audio)

Gooblop- (2014) Icky multi-colored lunch that moves around your tray. //Listen to the podcast//

Gooblyus (2015) –A booger like substance that gets stuck in your eye after sleeping. (Listen to the podcast)

Gleefen (2016): A fan of the show Glee Listen to the Podcast

Glidcil (2017) — A pencil that glides Listen to the Podcast

Glompish (2011)- The act of hogging Doritos. Listen to the definition

Glunksion (2010) – When toothpaste, soap, and cream sticks to the nozzle and hardens. Listen to the word

Glup (2017) — When you drink to much and need to use the bathroom //Listen to the Podcast//

Głupide (2022): Stupid  (listen to the podcast)

Glurp (2016): A very disgusting food. Listen to the Podcast

Gobblysloply (2023): The act of eating your food with no manners.

Gooiedripdropper- (2014) Something sticky on your hands and it is hard to get off. //Listen to the podcast//

Googleitis (2019) — The sickness/act of asking all your problems on Google (listen to the podcast)

Googleplop (2016): The act of falling down the stairs. Listen to the Podcast

Gorf (2010) -When a frog barks. Listen to the word

Gowestem (2023): A disease that makes you limbs grow uncontrollably

Grafons — (2008) A banana and ketchup sandwich. Listen to the definition

Graple (2010) – A mix of an apple and grape. Listen to the word

Grasive (2005) – When a student is stubborn, fails or thinks they are “all that”

Griglet (2010)- Something that’s dirty. Listen to the word

Grizbeebo (2021): A funky song (listen to the audio)

Grosweet– (2011) A growing garden that has any candy, ice cream, cotton candy, cake, soda or money with an endless supply. Listen to the definition

Guarb (2007)  A big fat elephant with a small trunk. Listen to the definition

Guber: (2013) A bubble gun. Listen to the podcast

Gummie Band Ball: (2013) Gummie worms tied together to represent a rubber band ball. Listen to the podcast

Gump (2012) – Purple Shrimp. Listen to the Podcast

Gumpful:(2013) When you snore, but you’re still awake Listen to the podcast

Gumputer (2011)- A computer made of gum. Listen to the definition

Gupinsturbin (2016): The act of going past a red light and/or a stop sign without stopping. Listen to the Podcast

Gymhock (2019) — A mix of doing gymnastics and playing hockey (listen to the podcast)



Hairicle (2010) -A liquid that grows you hair (well) Listen to the word

Hamjam (2016): Ham covered in jam Listen to the Podcast

Hanail (2011) The act of hammering a nail into ones head. Listen to the definition

Hannahcarbe (2023): The act of driving a car on the highway

Hanthamicalal (2009)- Very sweet juice. Listen to the definition

Haras (2005) – to never stop talking

Hbfgjndksajdshfjnskmajnfhbdjnsfdsbfhdsnjbfhsnamdsbfjdjnsmadbnssmabdf (2021): To hit your head on your keyboard (listen to the audio) 

Healcar– (2008) A type of medicine. Listen to the definition

Heartattackdeathstrokeobesityism: (2013) The act of eating at McDonalds twenty- four/ seven Listen to the podcast

Heartieisum (2017) — The act of getting your heart broken Listen to the Podcast

Hed Up (2012) — To heat something up in the microwave. Listen to the Podcast

Henyiack (2007) A hen that can talk Listen to the definition

Herbleverble (2009)– The act of babbling on about nothing. Listen to the definition

Herveing — (2008) To run really fast and trip and get hurt. Listen to the definition

Hexcitement (2006) – a mixture of emotions consisting of happiness and excitement

Hiblupdill (2012) – A blue dill pickle. Listen to the Podcas

Hiccsnbow (2010) –The act of sneezing,burping, hiccuping and throwing up at the same time. Listen to the word

Hicome (2006) – when someone wants to say hello to you

Hiddil (2018) — When your eyelids feel so heavy, you can barely open them. Listen to the Definition

Hillbania: (2008) A competition that involves rolling down a hill. Once you get to the bottom of the hill you have to get up and run back up the hill without falling down. If you do, you are disqualified.

Hipapy: (2014) The act of being hiper and happy at the same time. //Listen to the podcast//

Hitthrow (2018) — The act of catching the ball and getting hit at the at the same time. Listen to the Definition

Hobblegobble (2021): The act of buying too much of your favorite thing (listen to the audio)

Hober (2005) – Being really stupid

Hobogoawayo (2012) — The act of taking your shoe and hitting a Hobo repeatedly with your shoe till it retreats, or chasing it down the block if needed. Listen to the Podcast

Hobsnok: (2013) The act of spitting on animals Listen to the podcast

Hodgchog (2023): The act of sleeping during ELA class while dreaming of hedgehogs

Hodgsoning: (2013) The act of being allergic to Mr.Hodgson or ELA Listen to the podcast

Homebot (2006) – A robot that can do everything at the house for you.

Hoofet (2005) – a large-footed animal with hooves

Hoy-hoy-yay (2009)- A very expensive coat, only made of toe hair. Listen to the definition

Huggle– (2014) A cross between a hug and a cuddle. 

Huljiblama (2018) — The act of going to a new place. Listen to the Definition

Humperdoodle (2005) – The act of falling into a volcano and turning into your mother with no friends

Hypercat (2006) – A cat that is truly hyper and very energetic

Hyperdizzyness – (2014) To be really excited and then get dizzy. //Listen to the podcast//

Hyperful (2018) — The act of being to hyper. Listen to the Definition

Hypermotionism (2010) -The act of having crazy emotions. Listen to the word

Hyperpedism (2010) –The act of moving your feet uncontrollably. Listen to the word

Hyperphonful (2017) — Being very loud and excited Listen to the Podcast

Hyperpsychology (2007) – The study of hyper minds. Listen to the definition

Hyperscriptate (2016): The act of rushing your writing to go do something else Listen to the Podcast

Hyperscriptpsychology (2007) – The study of excitedly writing about the mind and soul Listen to the definition

Hyperthermate (2021): An extreme temperature or heat. (Listen to the audio)

Hyperthermous– (2014) The qualities of being excessively hot. //Listen to the podcast//

Hyrim (2018) — When the clock hits 12:33. Listen to the Definition



Ibanese— (2008) The fear of Brittany Spears. Listen to the definition

Iceworms (2021):  When you fall on ice and there is nothing there (listen to the audio)

Ile (2009)- A big movie lover that can watch a movie over 6 times in a row. Listen to the definition

Ilodnap (2012) -The act of sleeping in a trash can. Listen to the Podcast

Iloj (2017) — The act of being crazy or very excited Listen to the Podcast

Infazling– (2010) The act of being surprised or overwhelmed. Listen to the definition

Infinduda (2010) –Very smart, big head. Listen to the word

Inim (2023):  To pop a mini at 1 hp

Inkerdink (2010) – Meaning you’re really dumb. Listen to the word

Intie (2006) – A small version of the Internet

Irtrac (2007) – A car as big as three cars and it has 12 wheels Listen to the definition

Iscreamday- (2011) Also known as a Sunday when you ate ice cream all day. Listen to the definition

Ishtard (2007)  A very stupid person Listen to the definition

Iskatblue (2023): The act of singing loudly in your sleep.

Itifni (2017) — A car that comes in multiple colors and can be a sports car and a family car. Listen to the Podcast

Itknap (2007) — A blanket made out of llama and rabbit fur. Listen to the definition

Ittefnoc (2007)- Very rude or impulsive Listen to the definition

Ixel– (2011) A type of car that runs on anything. Listen to the definition



Jabbity-kak (2016): Hallucinations from eating too much Fruit Loops. Listen to the Podcast

Jablour-(2011) The act of yelling at someone in gibberish. Listen to the definition

Jakowils— (2008) A little animal that shares your likes and dislikes and only eats gummy worms(sour).

Jamoastork (2009)– the act of eating jam on toast while doing homework. Listen to the definition

Janako— (2008) Talking mushrooms that make fun of you and nibble your ears. Listen to the definition

Jango Lango (2011)– A coffee with caramel, sugar ,chocolate,whipped cream and ice cream. Listen to the definition

Jank (2009) — stupid; unfair. Listen to the definition

Jenicola (2009)– The fear of Jessica Alba. Listen to the definition

Jibber (2006) – The act of talking a lot, too much.

Jiblewableish (2019) — Speaking gibberish for no reason at anytime getting wobbly and feeling Omish (listen to the podcast)

JiggBlorp (2011) Lump of jiggleness. Listen to the definition

Jiggler (2023): The act of jiggling dancing

Jiglepooha (2012) – A meal with jello and mayo. Listen to the Podcast

Jom Jom – (2008) A piece of material used for putting containers or cups of liquid on : see, coaster. Listen to the definition

Jorb (2007)- A meaning of sarcasm Listen to the definition

Jrajuhmey (2010)–slow, loud, gives off sudden bangs. Listen to the word

Jubgub (2012) – a mix match of a fat chimpanzee and a koala bear. Listen to the Podcas

Juigee (2010) – When a person is over-hyper or too excited. Listen to the word

Jujuba— (2008) A giant piece of bacon used as a weapon. Listen to the definition

Jumaka– (2011) A mom that plays karaoke. Listen to the definition 

Jumptitis: (2014) To jump up to 6,000 miles. //Listen to the podcast//

Jumpletin— (2008) Food that can jump (it is edible).

Jumreame (2022): The act of jumping and screaming at the same time  (listen to the podcast)

Jungalex (2012) – A disease you get from a bite of a snail. Listen to the Podcast

Junglebum (2012) – The act of getting stung by a wasp while reading a book. Listen to the Podcast



Kababbled (2015) — The feeling of being so embarrassed that you want to crawl in a hole and hide. (Listen to the podcast)

Kabooper-the act of falling (2007) Listen to the definition

Kabowdeiss (2012) — Super, fantastically wonderful. Listen to the Podcast

Kakuska (2014) Being the best friends in the world. Listen to the podcast

Kamazeflazeabadoocolmoka (2009) – sweet and sour, and also crazy, all at the same time. Listen to the definition

Kanban– (2008) Someone who mushes words together. Listen to the definition

Kark- (2011) The act of playing karaoke every day. Listen to the definition

Kazol-(2011) A donut with ice cream on top! Listen to the definition

Kcaj (2006) – A very fatty food.

Kcaj (2019) — A person that’s messed up in the head (listen to the podcast)

Kerfle (2012) — The act of cutting down purple trees out of anger. Listen to the Podcast

Kibldroo: (2013) A cat with three legs and an eye patch. Listen to the podcast

Kicktion (2018) — The act of kicking things with no control. Listen to the Definition

Kidmoney (2005) – Money for kids

Kinbee (2015) — a large colorful Sasquatch (Listen to the podcast)

Kinfuzzle (2014) When you’re stuck on something hard to complete. //Listen to the podcast//

Kinted (2023): Being judged for thinking or doing something

Kittywave (2023): It’s when you move hand side to side to play with him/her

Klat– a strange type of monkey (2007) Listen to the definition

Kleptovertochist (2022): Someone who enjoys stealing green pieces of paper, ripping them to shreds, and throwing them at famous pieces of art.  (listen to the podcast)

Knlarlt (2005) — To let out gas through your nose

Knopfunsvz (2009)- To be forgetful of who or what is around you (confused). Listen to the definition

Kockapooch (2009)- An exotic bird that lives in New Zealand. Listen to the definition

Koob (2022): The act of throwing a book a someone’s head  (listen to the podcast)

Koobltoss: (2013) The act of throwing a blue lemon at a book. Listen to the podcast

Koobon (2017) — A human sized mix of a shark and dragon with all the animals features
Listen to the podcast

Kookles– (2008) Pop Tarts. Listen to the definition

Koolio (2007) – a person that is acting spunky Listen to the definition

Krad (2019) — The way of saying morning meeting (listen to the podcast)

Krowemohbot– A robot that does your homework for you (2007) Listen to the definition

Kykapyza(kookarooza): (2013) Hungry for something; wanting some food so bad. Listen to the podcast



Laffy-Taffiac: (2013) The act of laughing really loud and hard randomly. Listen to the podcast

Laflaflafla: (2013) A fancy sanitizer. Listen to the podcast

Lamma (2005) – A mix of llama and cow and camel

Lamo (2018) — Tripping and falling out the window. Listen to the Definition

Land Piranha (2019) — A piranha that lives on land (listen to the podcast)

Larhoot– (2014) To scream loudly. //Listen to the podcast//

Laspic– (2014) The act of being so nervous or aggravated you are talking gibberish. //Listen to the podcast//

Leachim (2006) – A release of gas

Leafleas — (2008) Domesticated animals. Listen to the definition

Leba-Pretending (2009) — to listen to someone and agreeing with them even though you have no idea what they said. Listen to the definition

Lebalyss (2011)- Having not been able to sleep because of eating an excessive amount of sugar. Listen to the definition

Leengland (2012) — A person with pronunciation problems. Listen to the Podcast

Leinad-(Li-Nad)- (2014) The act of witnessing an event that has special meaning or has historic importance. Listen to the podcast

Lencar (2005) – Very clumsy and stupid person

Lenot (2023): When you stub your toe so hard, you hold your foot

Leoj (2005) – A twin

Leribagalolo (2009)- the act of eating broccoli and throwing up without control. Listen to the definition

Lespl– (2014) When you know you know. //Listen to the podcast//

Leumas– (2011) The act of licking a bug zapper or lighter. Listen to the definition

Leverything (2019) — When you laugh at everything (listen to the podcast)

Licnep (2017) — A mechanical pencil Listen to the podcast

Ligels (2005) – Species of animal with wings, two feet and which are 600 years old

Liger (2007) – A lion and a tiger mixed that hops Listen to the definition

Lightfloop-(2011) A power outage though out the house except in one room. Listen to the definition

Ligmass (2023): A very old or ancient object that has cracks or wrinkles.

Limlar (2023): An insult related to being a dumb, drooling, pigeon.

Llostrig (2006) – A very large gob of a squishy object

Liralos (2007)  The reflection of a solar eclipse Listen to the definition

Lockey (2015) — An iron handle shaped like an axe that breaks through windows in your car if you forget your keys in your car. (Listen to the podcast)

Loldetector (2021): It detects laughter and it looks just like a smoke detector. (listen to the audio)

Lolet (2005) – A robot that does your homework

Lolisicle (2016): A lollipop covered in frozen juice. Listen to the Podcast

Lolliduckieee (2023): A rare type of duck with lollipop markings and fluff instead of feathers.

Lollyclusspin (2006) – To have a feeling for insects.

Lolly Lump (2015) – A lump of colorful flavored candy on the end of your pencil, that you can eat in a class, or during homework. (Listen to the podcast)

Lofx (2010) – A ball that never stops bouncing. Listen to the word

Loodow (2007) — The act of looking out the window.

Lootle (2018) — The act of staring at a clock. Listen to the Definition

Lordio (2006) – A person who is obsessed with happy colors.

Lorper (2006)  A giant peice of paper made up of two different colors.

Lotsirb (2012) — The act of wearing as many colors as possible. Listen to the Podcast

Loucow (2022): The act of yelling at a cow  (listen to the podcast)

Lowbedding (2005) – Laying under your bed

Lumlust (2023):Something that shines bright

Lumpergumper (2005) – Meaningless words

Lunchamacation — (2008) The study of food to make sure it is edible. Listen to the definition

Lunction (2018) — To be carrying a lot of stuff in your hands. Listen to the Definition

Lunlollyiping (2009)- The act of licking a lollypop while running. Listen to the definition

Lurdle (2018) — Jumping super high. Listen to the Definition

Lupa (2005) – A small person in an orange seat who rolls in a bubble

Luzzup (2007)- A very difficult puzzle Listen to the definition



Macqisiouisticsplamististious (2016): The act of dating in middle school Listen to the Podcast

Madagram (2005) – Very skilled

Magu (2010) -(maj-oo) A thing you say when you miss something like a road or a target. Listen to the word

Mallzup (2019) — The act of climbing up stairs, missing one, and falling up (listen to the podcast)

Malshed (2017) — When you are hot and cold at the same time. Listen to the Podcast

Man-Kitty (2022): The act of pretending to be a kitty  (listen to the podcast)

Marark (2009)- An animal, like a duck, that eats frogs, lizards, and mud, has leathery bat wings, green and purple feathers, fangs, long legs, and wide webbed feet. Listen to the definition

Mazology (2007) The study of crazy out of control rabbits often infected with rabies. Listen to the definition

Mealavistion (2019) — When you’re addicted to eating meals while you watch tv (listen to the podcast)

Megando– (2013) Charred solid ribs used as a weapon or shield in the armed forces. Listen to the podcast

Meh (2012) — (inter.) Used to express feelings ofdisturbance. Listen to the Podcast

Mema (2012) — To be lost to the world while reading.Listen to the Podcast

Merefin (2009)- to wildly whack someone of something with a foam #1 finger. Listen to the definition

Merp (2007)- A sound that a cat or kitten would make. Listen to the definition

Merpig (2007)- A mythical combination of a mermaid and a pig Listen to the definition

MicMonic (2010) – A disease that makes you sing really loud in the shower. Listen to the word

Microdent (2021): A very small tooth, probably a baby tooth. (listen to the audio)

Microgreekotallapedology (2017) –The study of tall footed, small greeks. //Listen to the Podcast//

Microphonology (2007)- The study of tiny sounds. Listen to the definition

Micropsychism (2018) — Small mind full of mischief. Listen to the Podcast

Midilly (2011)- The bad guilt feeling you get in you stomach when you do something wrong. Listen to the definition

Midna (2007)- A mad wolf Listen to the definition

Miffed (2016): To Get Angry Very Easily At A Certain Situation Listen to the Podcast

Milizolagraph –(2006) — a very confusing graph or picture

Milolilalo: (2008) When you get nervous and start shaking and mumbling. Listen to the definition

Mimsitronic (2012) – A type of transformer that is a fashion designer. Listen to the Podcast

Mindflip (2017) — When you forget what you were thinking about or what you were going to do. Listen to the Podcast

Minkey (2014)  A dangerous monkey-like creature that has human ears and excels at swimming and flying. This creature is very colorful and loves to make loud noises while screaming. //Listen to the podcast//

Mintajuice – (2013) The taste you get if you brush your teeth with mint toothpaste then drink orange
juice. Listen to the podcast

Mip (2018) — A myth that has been proven real. Listen to the Definition

Mofpof (2006) – Your own little thinking space

Molaba (2009)– To watch someone blow their nose.Listen to the definition

Moloctive (2005) – A moldy sandwich

Momspegetti (2018) — The act of your mom making spaghetti. Listen to the Definition

Monkphant (2015) – A mix between a monkey and an elephant (Listen to the podcast)

Monpedification (2006) — To suffer from having only one foot.

Moogle (2017) — The act of laughing so hard milk comes out. Listen to the Podcast

Mooostache- (2014) A mustache shaped like a cow. //Listen to the podcast//

Mooshka- (2014) A mushy green fruit that smells like onion and tastes like brick. //Listen to the podcast//

Motree (2023):A tree that grows money.

Mufflrpuffpoof (2009)- An animal that quacks like a duck, walks like a dragon and eats like a dog. Listen to the definition

Murked (2011 The act of wanting to hit someone with a muffin because of feeling stressed. Listen to the definition

Musterstache (2016): An angry mailman Listen to the Podcast

Mutnuck (2005) – A person who is self-centered and who cares about nothing but food.

Muzuggle– (2013) The act of drinking while falling asleep. Listen to the podcast



Nace (2007)- To cry in a weird or annoying voice

Nachochino (2009)- Nacho-flavored coffee. Listen to the definition

Nad (2009)- a disease in which you have a very large head. Listen to the definition

Nadnerb (2016): To chase someone around Listen to the Podcast

Nahgem (2011) The act of collecting gems that have an n, a or h in it and they are all gems. Listen to the definition

Nahte (2014) Not to be sure, still thinking. //Listen to the podcast//

Nahzugo (2011) -The act of an Islamic male going emo. Listen to the definition

Namloc (2019) — When you forget your name (listen to the podcast)

Naraliable (2021): The act of lying to something you “didn’t” do. (listen to the audio)

Naranla — (2008) Someone who loves Narwhales. Listen to the definition

Narby (2011)- The act of being very stern. Listen to the definition

Narshma (2012) — A word to say instead of a bad or mean word. Listen to the Podcast

Nashua (2012) — A jalapeno on a taco. Listen to the Podcast

Nave (2005) – Having a dent in your hair

Nave (2012) — When you trip over your own shoelace and face-plant on the ground. Listen to the Podcast

Navillus (2011)- Getting nervous for a test that you have not studied for. Listen to the definition

Nawa (2005) – Cute, cuddly creature

Nayr (2010) – A female mascot. Listen to the word.

Neb – (2006) a small groove

Nectals (2009)- People who like fruit.Listen to the definition

Nedyac (2021): To go somewhere with no one around. (listen to the audio)

Neep (2022): The state you’re in when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but you’re only half awake.  (listen to the podcast)

Nehipi (2016): A creature that makes a good pet. It’s fluffy and aqua with bright purple eyes, they are also very short. Listen to the Podcast

Neonification (2010) – When someone makes an object neon. A.k.a neonify Listen to the word

Neroges (2005) – To insult without swearing

Nerualsnick (2012) — The skill of tripping on seemingly impossible surfaces or object. Listen to the Podcast

Nire (2006) – An act of being kind

Nitrotoxide (2011)- The act of smelling nitro from a nitro RC car. Listen to the definition

Nivek: (2008) A very boring look. Listen to the definition

Nobelean (2006)- A disease that is often seen in infants. It’s when you get purple spots and can’t sleep. Symptoms of this are a runny nose, sunburn and coughing.

Nockel (2007)- To have a freckle on your nose Listen to the definition

Nodiesop (2015) — a palace for a god or goddess underwater (Listen to the podcast)

Nogoody (2021): When you are not good.  (listen to the audio)

Nogjogo (2011) – A person that can run forever and does not need to breathe. Listen to the definition

Nollid (2011)- A farting sound made with your lips and tongue. Listen to the definition

Nomar (2023): Neymar that can’t do the skills

Norasticously (2017) –The act of falling or tripping over nothing. Listen to the Podcast

Norriy (2015) — When you snore a lot (Listen to the podcast)

Nortis (2022): The act of going to Norris  (listen to the podcast)

Nosidamic (2010) – The language spoken by people in a secret land. Listen to the word

Nosilla — (2008) An animal that swims and lives underwater, also known as a goat. Listen to the definition

Notrab (2016): Very amazing … so amazing you can’t stand it Listen to the Podcast

Nower (2018) – A machine that knows everything. Listen to the Definition

Nowgar (2015) — a type of candy bar (Listen to the podcast)

Nrocinu (2023): Making a unicorn appear by saying this word.

Nufofseldoo — (2008) When you have oodles of fun — all day! Listen to the definition

Nur (2010) – The act of running reverse while looking forward. Listen to the word

Nwah (2022)s: The act of random things getting caught on fire  (listen to the podcast)

Nweebit (2009)- Being so uncool that you have a brick for a pet. Listen to the definition

Nyltiak (2008) A river that flows1,000 miles per hour and never stops.

Nyrthak (2007)- A super soft cookie stuffed with nuts,chocolate chunks,and peanut butter. Listen to the definition



Ocip (2018) — It’s a hedgehog that runs on it’s wheel all night and eats very loud. Listen to the Definition

Ocopus (2023): An octopus who is occupied.

Octivia (2005) – To have very good eyesight

Octobellychanband (2018) — The act of creating a song with your stomach as the instruments. Listen to the Definition

Octofluffopus: (2013) the act of eating calamari with fluff. Listen to the podcast

Oge (2018) — Where you have been playing to much video games, and your parents say you have to go outside. Listen to the Definition

Olews: (2013) Some very annoying and old news. Listen to the podcast

Omppuffpop (2019) — When your food explodes for no reason (listen to the podcast)

OoobieDooobieDooos (2017) — Wrong answers on a test or small elves that have minion laughs that do strange things to you and live in the magical forest of Ooobie-Doobie-Doo //Listen to the Podcast//

Oocle (2012) — To be in very great excitement. Listen to the Podcast

Oognooble — (2008) A type of noodle that you can only buy at Costco.

Oohf (2018) — The act of getting hurt- what you say when you get hurt. Listen to the Definition

Orburg (2012) — Voices in your head telling you to eat a cheese burger from Burger King. Listen to the Podcast

Ouchonuchofluchobomb– (2014) A doctor who gives surgery to squirrels. //Listen to the podcast//

Oushdooble (2017) — Being unable to tie one’s shoes. Listen to the Podcast

Owempas (2022): The act of evaporating when the rain touches you. (listen to the podcast)

Oxingburg (2023): The meditation state of mind where you think about waffles.

Oxydosy (2009) – Running while walking. Listen to the definition



Paffle (2014) – The act of not knowing whether to eat a pancake or a waffle. //Listen to the podcast//

Pakubaloo (2012) — A sandwich made of mystery meat found on Mars. Listen to the Podcast

Panaffle (2017) — A combination of a pancake and a waffle. //Listen to the Podcast//

Papertoweltalkito: (2013) When someone sneezes the book opens and it starts to say God Bless You in more than 100 languages, in the meantime it pops out a towel for you to use. Listen to the podcast

Parahyperic (2006) – a person sick with abnormal excited behavior

Paroo (vb) (2014) – The act of eating a banana in an affectionate way. //Listen to the podcast//

Pastapeels (2012) — When you fall asleep while eating pasta. Listen to the Podcast

Pataring (2006) – The act of being very clumsy while running, skipping, dancing or flying

Patata: (2013) To go to the bathroom. Listen to the podcast

Paulcanty (2019) — Someone who is crazy (listen to the podcast)

Pazoodle (2011)-A pillow with a lot of fuzz on it. Listen to the definition

Peggacon (2011) – A plate with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. YUMMY!!! Listen to the definition

Peiagount (2018) — The obsession of sucking other people’s wet toes. Listen to the Definition

Pendal (2006) – Another word for pen holder.

Pentiastach (2022): The act of having 5 mustaches  (listen to the podcast)

Penzailfrockside (2007) – The gas you get from the side of a frog. Listen to the definition

Phanam (2009) – Another way of saying 10:31 AM. Listen to the definition

Philliced (2019 — The act of tripping because of wrongly sized shoes (listen to the podcast)

Phlap (2005) – To tickle someone or something while laughing

Phlope (2017) — The act of an electronic falling on your face. Listen to the Podcast

Phonomancer: (2013) Someone who controls sound. Listen to the podcast

Pickwitch (2009)- A pickle sandwich with a bad smell. Example: I ate a pickwitch for lunch. Listen to the definition

Pieology (2015) – The study of pie (Listen to the podcast)

Pigjig (2017) — The act of pigs doing jigs. //Listen to the Podcast//

Pikleism (2023): The fear of eating a small pickle.

Pimip (2007)- A word that means awesome, cool, and amazing Listen to the definition

Pinataish (2006) — A feeling that relates to being hit like a pinata.

Pipacul (2016): When you try too hard, it’s funny. Listen to the Podcast

Pizpie – (2014) A food which is the combination of pizza and pie. //Listen to the podcast//

Planeatic (2023): A person that likes planes

Plataporpous (2010) – Many platypus in one group. Listen to the word

Platenogous (2011): A body of a hippopotamus, hands of a penguin, and tail and mouth of a platypus. Listen to the definition

Ploopy (2012) — tired or bored. Listen to the Podcast

Pluke (2012) –To puke fire. Listen to the Podcast

Poblot (2019) — A parking lot for penguins (listen to the podcast)

Poku (2015) – Week old hobo foot jam inside of a sandwich with sand sprinkled on it (Listen to the podcast)

Polymicrogeobibliology (2007) Study of many small earth books. Listen to the definition

Pontora (2006) – A fitted ski-type hat fully rimmed which is worn slightly tilted to one side and comes in all colors

Pooperscooter– (2014) A scooter that runs off of any bad gas. //Listen to the podcast//

Prebakeolishous: (2013) The act of wanting to eat doe before you bake it. Listen to the podcast

Prettiful (2005) – Pretty and beautiful

Prndl (2007) The meaning of park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low gear Listen to the definition

Puncit (2012) — The act of punching trees. Listen to the Podcast

Punckardeal (2023): The act of punching cereal in the pitch black

Pufalufa (2019) — A fluffy animal that shrinks when you wash it and turns into a vacuum cleaner (listen to the podcast)

Pufflefluff -(2014) A pink fluffy pillow that can turn into any animal you want. //Listen to the podcast//

Puffling (2012) — The small fuzz on a baby’s head. Listen to the Podcast

Pufgig: (2013) The act of puffing out your cheeks and giggling Listen to the podcast

Puptastic (2015) – A magic power where you snap your fingers and get all the puppies you want (Listen to the podcast)

Puptic (2006) — The act of being way too cute for a puppy

Pyrobaskettogreeniball (2018) — A green basketball that is on fire. Listen to the Definition



Quable– (2014) The feeling of hating Time for Kids (magazine) //Listen to the podcast//

Quackasnoodle (2012) — The act of quacking like a duck while sleeping. Listen to the Podcast

Quampityy (2022): Falling out of a tall tree.  (listen to the podcast)

Quangadoodle (2012) — An animal that can draw anything in less then 3 seconds. Listen to the Podcast

Queller: (2013) the act of pulling the fire alarm Listen to the podcast

Quentiple (2017) — The act of being attracted to money. Listen to the Podcast

Quept (2005) – To breathe deeply

Quickshion (2009)- To be very fast. Listen to the definition

Quimswa– (2014) The act of gorging your self with so much bacon you explode. //Listen to the podcast//

Quinkiedink (2006) – the same as someone or the same thought as someone else.

Qulup (2016): Depressed about a movie Listen to the Podcast

Qwackerish (2009)- to quack when upset. Listen to the definition



Racem (2005) – a small tape that goes into a big tape to plan an old tape

Raffro (2017) — a rainbow afro. Listen to the Podcast

Rageitve (2012) — Being in a state of rage. Listen to the Podcast

Ramptive (2019) — A person who likes to ram over people (listen to the podcast)

Rangatangmunckaheeachala (2012) — A flying purpler rooster. Listen to the Podcast

Ras (2016): Motion of falling slowly. Listen to the Podcast

Ratasussie (2022): The act of screaming “Believe!!!” as a rat  (listen to the podcast)

Ratatoe (2015) – A rotten potato (Listen to the podcast)

Ratling (2022): A baby rat that eats books  (listen to the podcast)

Razzah: (2008) A blueberry flavor. Listen to the definition

Reboodle (2015) –When you fall then get back up. (Listen to the podcast)

Recnad (2007) – One of the best dancers Listen to the definition

Redlabibology (2017) — The study of horses and ponies. Listen to the Podcast

Redwork (2015) — When you dread work (Listen to the podcast)

Reeddapptation (2023): The act of teaching a baby how to read

Regergful (2016): Feeling like have to puke.

Regizzle (2015) — An unstoppable laughter (Listen to the podcast)

Reen (2012) — Water that is in the trees after it rains. Listen to the Podcast

Remmihs (2015) –The act of slipping, falling an hitting your head (Listen to the podcast)

Repap (2007) – The act of throwing tofu Listen to the definition

Repicolarious (2010) — The act of reapers being very funny. Listen to the word

Repsychism (2007) – The act of reliving the same day over and over again in your mind. Listen to the definition

Reptillian (2007)  To look or act as a reptile Listen to the definition

Resopeepee (2017) — To only drink gatorade. Listen to the Podcast

Rexephant (2017) — A T-Rex with elephant-like features. Listen to the Podcast

Riar (2015) —To have hair made out of metal (Listen to the podcast)

Ricon– (2014) A chicken made out of rice. //Listen to the podcast//

Rizzle (2007) – A pie that contains all the fruit flavors Listen to the definition

Rockadoole (2006) – a musical instrument that is in the form of a rock

Rocoface (2022):The act of running around while eating chocolate then falling on your face  (listen to the podcast)

Rocuation (2023): The act of binge watching netflix eating pizza

Ronnoco– (2008) [noun] People that dislike Barry Bonds. Listen to the definition

Roscoporium- (2014) A dog with tons of fur with a mustache. //Listen to the podcast//

Rottermin (2012) — The act of petting a really cute dog. Listen to the Podcast

Royark (2009)- a boat owned by the king and queen and they only allow ponies on it. Listen to the definition

Ruckle– (2008) A big fight caused only by people. Listen to the definition

Rufferd (2019) — When you are being shoved around by people (listen to the podcast)

Runkabunka – (2013)the act of jiggling quickly Listen to the podcast

Rununkey: (2013) (n) a rubber monkey — Example: A rununkey can be stretched for 15 meters. Listen to the podcast



Sacatuber (2016): A person who is obsessed with watching sad youtube videos. Listen to the Podcast

Sacross (2005) – Soccer with lacrosse sticks

SammichSavage (2016): A savage – like person that likes sammiches. Listen to the Podcast

Sandraulotaurus (2018) — The act of putting your shoe on backwards. Listen to the Definition

Sapzlickurlickamom (2021): When you lick a pole with your tongue. (listen to the audio)

Sardino: (2013) A sardine that was meant to be thrown at your albino pufferfish. Listen to the podcast

Satalementy: (2008) A type of taco that is made from muddy beetles. Listen to the definition

Sauscon- (2014) Sausage wrapped in bacon //Listen to the podcast//

Scabiphobia– (2008) The state of being scared of scabs. Listen to the definition

Scrittle– (2014) To scratch gently when petting a cat behind the ears. Listen to the podcast

Scroodle: (2013) the act of eating noodles while scribbling on a sheet of paper. Listen to the podcast

Scrumptiondeprydisiontiarfsterwerdnahelamaropastodequapamelingafartster (2009)- To say your name backwards while eating something scrumptious and farting at the same time. Listen to the definition

Sdrow (2018) — Another word for drawing. Listen to the Definition

Sedicky (2016): The act of no toilet paper Listen to the Podcast

Selimynams (2018) — Many miles. Listen to the Definition

Selkcip (2015) – A burger made entirely out of pickles! (Listen to the podcast)

Selsumbla (2009)- Fear of Jessica Simpson. Listen to the definition

Setab (2010) – An ice cream bar with every flavor ever invented inside! Listen to the word

Sguimunkhog (2011) A ball of squirrel, chipmunk and groundhog used to celebrate animal day. Listen to the definition

Sguglepuggle (2005) – A Stuffed animal that is alive and soft as the clouds

Shakarakaflingaringadingdong — (2014) To wet your bed at 12:07 pm on a Wednesday of January 15th with a temperature of 77 degrees while farting on a banana. //Listen to the podcast//

Shakeamabob (2007)  When you shake up a soda and then open it so it explodes Listen to the definition

Shalalenday– (2008) A big yellow puffy afro with sparkles in it.

Shank (2018) — A stupid, puny, idiotListen to the Definition

Shantaba— (2014) A small yellow cheese house for mice. //Listen to the podcast//

Shantichy (2016): An ugly Christmas sweater that is incredibly itchy and uncomfortable, usually knitted by an old family member with no children. Listen to the Podcast

Shardeleboop: (2013) The Act of Putting laxatives in Teddy Bear’s. Listen to the podcast

Shavanto (2007)- Homework Listen to the definition

Shelkshnerflershoobldooble (2011)- The act of spazzing out and running around like a crazy person an hitting people with giant pancakes. Listen to the definition

Shem Flem (2016): THE ACT OF BEING COOL AWESOME. Listen to the Podcast

Sherpes– (2014) The act of a bird using a sharpie! //Listen to the podcast//

Shing-shonga: (2013) When you get emotional watching the movie Jumanji. Listen to the podcast

Shirtocatcher (2021): Something that catches clothes from falling from hangers. (listen to the audio)

Shistaco (2017) — When you karate chop a taco. Listen to the Podcast

Shlimbooba (2016): A processed meat pack Listen to the Podcast

Shling (2016): The act of hitting someone Listen to the Podcast

Shloogenhimer (2005) – Riding an animal

Shmebnog (2018) — The meaning of a word that makes no sense. Listen to the Definition

Shmit (2010) – A very irritating person. Listen to the word

Shmortibloren (2009) — A disease that makes people not think clearly. Listen to the definition

Shmula (2010) – A gross almost non edible lunch from the school sometimes with hair and grease.=) Listen to the word

Shmurfturf (2009)- An idiot or the act of being an idiot. Listen to the definition

Shnigascape (2018) — Riding the public BUS! Listen to the Definition

Shnooble (2010) -A bear with a bat’s wings and a mermaid tail. Listen to the word

Shoomfs (2012) — A tasty fruit. Listen to the Podcast

Shrungle — (2014) The act of eating magic markers and puking out rainbows //Listen to the podcast//

Shulf (2016): It means to move down the hall in a weird way. Listen to the Podcast

Shusam – the act of burping and hiccupping at the same time (2005)

Sibayouwa (2023): The act of insulting

Silistic (2010) -something so sharp it can cut through anything. Listen to the word

Sinduckle (2010) – a small horse with extremely large legs and feet. Listen to the word

Sinverdabal – able to do 50 acrobatical things in a short time (2006)

Sipshen (2016): A random drawing or doodle. Listen to the Podcast

Sirron (2010) -a mooing cow. Listen to the word

Sivad (2015) — A rowing instrument to kill rain storms. (Listen to the podcast)

Skarty (2016): Not very creative. Listen to the Podcast

Sketachiti: (2013) Seasoned spaghetti and garlic bread all mashed up and stuffed in a pepper topped with cheese! Listen to the podcast

Sketchadidnike – a type of shoe that massages your feet (2005)

Skipadydoopdap (2022): The act of falling down the stairs  (listen to the podcast)

Skiptive (2010) – Having the ability to skip for a long time. Listen to the word

Skirrrt (2017) — When someone (or something) jukes out another someone (or something). Listen to the Podcast

Skuzzbombs: (2008) The act of expressing anger in a humourous way without swearing. Listen to the definition

Slagmoforium (2011) A room in some houses that is completely sound proof. Listen to the definition

Slamina (2017) — An animal-loving maniac. Listen to the Podcast

Slcunk: (2008) Something that smells. Listen to the definition

Sleepsting — (2014) When you wake up and are still sleepy. //Listen to the podcast/

Sleptoping (2022): The act of sleepwalking and getting a drink of water  (listen to the podcast)

Slickflop (2011)– A hairstyle of a random and unattractive variety only achieved by wetting it or fluffing it out. Listen to the definition

Slishing (2015) — The act of making snow yellow with the use of urine (Listen to the podcast)

Slode (2018) — A shoe that vibrates. Listen to the Definition

Sloggle — (2008) A device that acts both as goggles and can induce sleep

Sloop (2007) The remaining crusted soup in the bottom of a bowl. Listen to the definition

Sluppy (2022): The act of being scared by a stupid platypus. (listen to the podcast)

Smackling (2017) — A small smack. //Listen to the Podcast//

Smada (2006) – A person who is on the computer 24-7

Smelfection (2023): A very good smell.

Smilation (2009) — The act of sleeping in a desk. Listen to the definition

Smilelicous (2007) -The act of smiling a lot Listen to the definition

Smirpul — (2014) Purposely breaking your pencil. //Listen to the podcast//

Smockodudlydue (2005) – to attack another person

Smoob (2022): The act of throwing a baby  (listen to the podcast)

Snackdidle– (2008) A food that you can eat a lot of. Listen to the definition

Snailail (2006) – To move very slowly

Snaptime (2009) – A time when you eat a snack and take a nap at the same time. Listen to the definition

Snarb (2005) – A small animal with spikes all over it

Snarg– (2014) This word has no meaning; say it whenever. //Listen to the podcast//

Snart (2017) — When you sneeze and fart at the same time. //Listen to the Podcast//

Snarted — (2014) Means to sneeze ,fart, poop, burp ,cough ,blink, eat bacon, and jump on a fat persons belly at the same time. //Listen to the podcast//

Sneezel – (2008) A green, soft, machine used to wipe your nose after you sneeze. Listen to the definition

Snegalburphencog (2009)- to sneeze, burp, and cough at the same time. Listen to the definition

Sniffleberry– (2014) A berry that sniffles. //Listen to the podcast//

Snipeic (2018) — Being able to do anything you want. Listen to the Definition

Snire (2016): Someone who snores really loud Listen to the Podcast

Snoogle – (2008) A babyish word for ow! Listen to the definition

Snoogle: (2013) The act of sleepwalking and drooling. Listen to the podcast

Snoople (2017) — The act of sneaking around. Listen to the Podcast

Snowwork (2018) — The work, or correcting, that is done on a snow day. 

Snozzeld (2017) — To have boogers explode from your nose. Listen to the Podcast

Snorble– (2014) To snore while awake. //Listen to the podcast//

Snoughip (2017) — When you sneeze, cough and hiccup at the same time. Listen to the Podcast

Snubal (2005) – To sneeze unexpectedly

Snuffle (2005) – The paper that wrapped around a muffin

Songic (2006) – Cool music

Soppy (2007) The act of talking way to much about yourself. Listen to the definition

Sotiv – (2008) A drink like soda. Listen to the definition

Spamsam (2015) — If your name is Sam you will catch the SPAMSAM and you spam everything and you like eating spam, spam is meat if you didn’t know. (Listen to the podcast)

Spandypurpants (2011) – The act of wearing very stretchy purple pants while “strutting your stuff”. [ Ex. Alivia’s spandypurpants shined bright against the morning sun]. Listen to the definition

Spars (2007)  Sport cars that are very slow Listen to the definition

Spash (2010) – Spaghetti and Squash mixed together. Listen to the word

Spatar (2007) – A musical instrument with spaghetti as strings Listen to the definition

Sperdoodle: (2013) The act of eating animals upside down. Listen to the podcast

Spiamster – (2008) A hamster that goes crazy. Listen to the definition

Spitopmombiationbia: (2013) a phobia of trees. Listen to the podcast

Splow (2015) — When you accidentally or clumsily walk into a pole, door or wall (Listen to the podcast)

Spluck (2022): When you start hitting random people  (listen to the podcast)

Sporm (2007) A swarm of bees Listen to the definition

Sproke (2016): The mix between Sprite soda and Coke soda Listen to the Podcast

Sqig (2010) – A cross of a squirrel and a pig. Listen to the word

Squankey (2009)- Being very small and annoying. Listen to the definition

Squishmania (2019) — When you’re addicted to squishies (listen to the podcast)

Squonk (2012) — The act of swinging on monkey bars with your feet. Listen to the Podcast

Stepatack– (2014) The act of stepping on a blue or green tack. //Listen to the podcast//

Staapll (2015) — To make a strong statement. (Listen to the podcast)

Starff (2016): When an outlet shocks you Listen to the Podcast

Stavico — (2008) It means you watch television. Listen to the definition

Stfmp (2019) — When you stomp on a tiny alien wearing a sombrero (listen to the podcast)

Stickofia (2016): A disease that you have clothes on you that won’t come off. Listen to the Podcast

Stinglebong (2021): The act of living with the monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest. (listen to the audio)

Stiper (2010) -TThe act of kicking a pole. Listen to the word

Strarous: (2013) a cucumber, pickle, hamburger, egg, watermelon, sandwich wrapped in baloney. Listen to the podcast

Strean– (2014) When someone is extremely mad and all they want to do is scream. //Listen to the podcast//

Stooble (2016): Being very dizzy Listen to the Podcast

Stunny (2009) -When someone is being so stupid it’s funny. Listen to the definition

Stunshle– (2014) Someone mean is sneezing on you. Example: Stop sneezing on me, you stunshle! //Listen to the podcast//

Sturop (2011)–A soup that is really good but makes you fart randomly. Listen to the definition

Subudo– (2014) To be very excited about something a short time away.

Sugarslap (2018) — When you have so much sugar, you pass out. Listen to the Definition

Sumbop (2023):  The act of vibing to music by running around and screaming the song

Sunamundua – (2008) A very mean person that likes too scream. Listen to the definition

Suolubaf – (2008) The act of being very smart! Listen to the definition

Sultandote (2015) — A rare antidote for hyperness known as hyperidioticdingdongmaniacphsc-osyndrom. Found on the thrones of past-day Turkey. Tastes like a human. Taken by mouth. (Listen to the podcast)

Sunstormow (2015) — When it has all the different types of precipitation at once and there’s sun, and a rainbow. (Listen to the podcast)

Superplaneophobaplane (2023): The act of leaving a plane last

Susce (2018) — To get juked out so bad that you fall. Listen to the Definition

Swartuba (2022): Aiming a tuba at someone then blowing an item into the tuba so it hits them.  (listen to the podcast)

Swelee: (2013) moving in a side to side motion quickly. Listen to the podcast

Swegerson (2015) — The act of being awesome with elite skill! (Listen to the podcast)

Swiedding (2012) — The act of not being coordinated in your actions based on drowsiness and being dizzy. Listen to the Podcast

Swiggle (2019) — A dance move when you are feeling silly or wanting to celebrate (listen to the podcast)

Switzard (2015) — A blizzard in summer (Listen to the podcast)

Swumming (2019) — Snowing in the summer (listen to the podcast)



Tabannanoe (2017) — The act of being a taco (being annoying) while eating a banana on a canoe. Listen to the Podcast

Tablek (2023): To have a conversation

Tahcpans (2018) — To reverse or make a photo look cool.Listen to the Definition

Taritheo (2019) — The state of owning way too much bread (listen to the podcast)

Teeping (2021): When you are talking in your sleep. (listen to the audio)

Telfie (2022): The act of your toe taking a selfie  (listen to the podcast)

Telie (2023): The act of being able to teleport

Terdish: (2013) a little robot that looks like fish that will clean fish poop and freshen the water Listen to the podcast

Teriggla’Phobia (2022): The Fear of Your brain having a mind of its own  (listen to the podcast)

Testiculat (2023): The problem of not knowing the answer to a test.

Thaffle (2021): To drag your shoes across a carpet. (listen to the audio)

Thanksphobia (2023): Scared of conversations on Thanksgiving.

Therouxly (2023): The act of being cool.

Thinkpeelsing (2016): The act of thinking or getting great ideas while sleeping. Listen to the Podcast

Thoughtopter (2011)- A device that will pick up brain waves and will write down your thoughts on paper or on a computer. Listen to the definition

Tigwig — (2008) A poisonous blue beetle. Listen to the definition

Tijan (2023): Putting your pajamas in tea

Tilcted (2007) — When you suddenly fall without tripping.

Tingo (2017) — To laugh instantly. Listen to the Podcast

Tinyatoematidus (2019) — A case of small toes (listen to the podcast)

Tion (2015) — a cross breed between a tiger and a lion (Listen to the podcast)

Tiple (2017) — When you trip over your own feet. Listen to the Podcast

TipTipTip (2018) — A very pointy ceiling. Listen to the Definition

Tixe (2006) – the opposite of leaving or exiting; entering

Tixe (2009) — The act of passing gas and burping at the same time. Listen to the definition

Trahcboj (2018) — When someone behaves differently; strange, awkward. Listen to the Definition

Trichair (2006) – A chair with three legs.

Tobbeld (2006) – To be puzzle or confused

Toc (2006) – A furry animal with a long tail

Tom Nook (2015) – A thieving raccoon that steals hard earned money from happy people. (Listen to the podcast)

Toon (2019) — A turkey and raccoon hybrid (listen to the podcast)

Topbins (2016): The act of shooting for the top corner and hitting the shot. Listen to the Podcast

Toty (2006) – The act of being scared

Toucanation (2011)- A fabled world filled with Toucans. Listen to the definition

Toxf – (2008) The act of growing a sixth toe on your left foot! Listen to the definition

Trabled (2005) – Being with something solid on the outside, but liquid on the inside

Treb (2019) — When you hit your funny bone and you lose the circulation in your hole arm (listen to the podcast)

Treblat (2016): One of those old crummy erasers that smudge everything. Listen to the Podcast

Trevved (2023): Running over something with a tractor

Triblasplat (2011)- The act of bumping into someone, then turning around, and tripping over someone else’s foot. Listen to the definition

Trico (2017) — The act of tripping over things while eating a taco. Listen to the Podcast

Trilly (2019) — To be funny around trees (listen to the podcast)

Trimalkot (2012) — Trolling three people at the same time without knowing it. Listen to the Podcast

Trimobile (2023): A cross between a dirt bike and a snowmobile

Tringly (2010) – Spooky and or creepy.=D Listen to the word

Trinkle (2016): The act of trying to think but you can’t Listen to the Podcast

Tripet (2015) – A bump in a carpet (Listen to the podcast)

Tripoozle (2015) – When you trip over nothing, so you have a test to make sure gravity is still working (Listen to the podcast)

Trisaelephant: (2013) a tricycle that looks like a elephant. Listen to the podcast

Trizelded (2023): The act of being knocked out.

Tropicavida (2023): When the weather is sunny and warm

Trosh (2006) – Very long, the opposite of short

Trumppet (2019) — Trump’s pet (listen to the podcast)

Trymon (2005) – To lose horribly in sports

Tublebob (2005) – a bathtub

Turducken- (2014) The ugliest,most dangerous bird of all time.It lives…IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Listen to the podcast

Turple (2011)- The color that is a mixture between turquoise and purple. Listen to the definition



Uglish (2006)- The act of having no idea what’s going on

Umbrelephant (2010) -A noisy umbrella. Listen to the word

Umplad (2022): The act of get getting stuck in a piece of clothing  (listen to the podcast)

Unartle– (2008) Someone who does not do art. Listen to the definition

Unmotoshiphobia (2023): The fear of a vehicle running on boat engines. Taken literally.

Unselfdeplira – (2014) Unable to be yourself around other people because you’re scared you won’t be perfect for them. Lack of self confidence. //Listen to the podcast//

Unthermful (2016): The opposite of being warm. Listen to the Podcast

Upduppy (2016): A person whose hair is always falling in his or her face. Listen to the Podcast

Urger (2010) -The sound you make after a fall. Listen to the word



Vadorade (2009)- A drink that makes you hyper. Example: I was so tired so I drank some vadorade. Listen to the definition

Veen (2007) Tthe state of being mad at yourself for no reason Listen to the definition

Verbcredxy (2018) — A part of speech about trees moving. Listen to the Definition

Vex-Obling– (2013) The act of eating frozen hairy pasta, with babbling beans on the side. Listen to the podcast

Vilo (2005) – A box that delivers moving images to your home

Vuel (2023): The act of filling a vehicle with fuel



Wageinsem (2022): Governing of whom have a yearly sum of over $1,000,000  (listen to the podcast)

Wallardishen (2018) — The act of running into a wallListen to the Definition

Walle-Talle-Molly-Sinta (2009)- Meaning-1.Something you don’t like. 2.Something you may call someone you don’t like.=] Listen to the definition

Wanderling (2019) — The point of wandering around to being confused, dizzy, or lost (listen to the podcast)

Wankster (2010) – A want-to-be gangster. Listen to the word

Wankydany (2009) — The love of tapioca pudding. Listen to the definition

Warfwei (2011) The act of spitting objects like potatoes or tacos as a weapon. Listen to the definition

Wazuco (2022): The act of stealing someone’s grandmother in Cosco and blaming it on the manager  (listen to the podcast)

Weppnty (2019) — To run out of webs (listen to the podcast)

Weryguooshnib (2009)- When a certain song that seems weird or foreign to you at first, but becomes so stuck in your head that you actually crave it. Listen to the definition

Wicossis (2012) — The need to make everything white clean. Example: I have a minor case of wicossis. Listen to the Podcast

Wiedenholemfalspitzhackebrech (2022): The act of breaking a pickax by dropping it frequently.  (listen to the podcast)

Wigacolor (2015) — It changes your hair to the color you say. (Listen to the podcast)

Wigguin (2022): A mixture of a penguin, whale, and a pig  (listen to the podcast)

Willy (2005) – A little kid from Australia

Wing-jitty – (2008) A jittery wing of a bird that can’t be controlled. Listen to the definition

Wior (2015) — n An opening in a wall in which the bottom part opens and the top part doesn’t. (Listen to the podcast)

Womp- (2011) – The act of tapping your fingers obnoxiously. Listen to the definition

Wonked (2023): The act of hitting someone on the foot

Woobazzle (2011) A Giraffe-like animal that has a long neck, and 4 short legs. Listen to the definition

Wooble (2010) -Being really clumsy and falling down a lot. Listen to the word

Woodoo (2005) – A weird kid

Wordieworder [2007]  A person who uses large words in there vocabulary Listen to the definition

Wordkilly (2012) Using a another word instead of the normal word. Listen to the Podcast

WordlywiseEphobia (2022): The fear of working on Wordly Wise section E  (listen to the podcast)

Wot (2014) The act of being bored at school or of school. //Listen to the podcast//

Wriceieth (2006) – School, or the act of being in school

Wrioting (2016) (n.) – The confused result of letting words continue to come out of the mouth even after the mind has left the building.

Writhing (2006) – To be intensely cool, often when seeing something revolting

Writibbing (2016): The act of writing a long story Listen to the Podcast

Wumpyflappy (2012) — Amazing, engrossing, fantastic. Example: This book is so wumpyflappy! Listen to the Podcast

Wuny (2005) – When you are brave and stupid at the same time



Xclven (2010) 🙁ex-cla-ven) Confused and angry at the same time. Listen to the word

Xcritical (2023): Not critical or not important.

Xela (2012) – A vicious animal with bright green fur and teeth the size of kitchen knives. Listen to the Podcast

Xela (2016): The act of saying all things backwards. Listen to the Podcast

X-erl (2011) A fake x-ray that shows a different person’s x-ray. Listen to the definition

Ximer (2016) : The act of laughing uncontrollably. Listen to the Podcast

Xland (2021): An island in the shape of an X. (listen to the audio)

Xly – (2008) A dish of pancakes, eggs, waffles, and lobster. Listen to the definition.

Xoblin (2005) – South American food made out of cheese and eggs

Xradog (2021): X Ray for dogs only. (listen to the audio)

Xstalis (2015) — A large building machine that can dig holes of any reasonable sized shape or depth. It has a sleeping bunk on wheels equipped with a light tower and a working kitchen. (Listen to the podcast)

Xyblonked (2019) — When you hit your head on a rectangular shaped object (listen to the podcast)



Yabble (2019) — A long stick with a circle of red or black light (listen to the podcast)

Yablehoffer: (2013) A type of shake and bake chicken Listen to the podcast

Yagball (2016): The ball that can do anything. Listen to the Podcast

Yaolli– (2008) A pizza taco grinder.

Yartor (2006) – A lawnmower that has hands to cut grass

Yawaffle (2018) — The act of eating a waffle with whipped cream and frosting on it. Listen to the Definition

Ybbarelishayehus: (2013) The act of saying hi while laughing like this. BAHAHAHA Listen to the podcast

Ydna (2006) – A triple-coated chocolate cake, often used for dessert.

Yeknom (2023): The act of eating bananas with your feet.

Yelah– (2008) The act of expressing anger.

Yeliah (2006) – The act of disobeying the law

Yelluk (2017) — When you scream constantly with your mouth closed. Listen to the Podcast

Yellurpule: (2013) A color between yellow and purple. Listen to the podcast

Yensid (2005) – to blabber loudly

Yerm (2021): To flop on a deck like a fish but in public. (listen to the audio)

Yetiphoby (2018) — Scared of yeti coolers. Listen to the Definition

Yibish (2011) — The act of being kicked by an angry six-year old, when she is having a tantrum. Listen to the definition

Yknuf (2005) – A flying animal that lives in a striped box

Ynattirb– (2008) Being able to stomp, and slide at the same time. Listen to the definition

Yoj: (2013) The act of being sad, depressed. Listen to the podcast

Yomeo (2009) — To Be Mad At Someone When They Blame You For Something You Did not do. Listen to the definition

Yrots (2007)- When you shop too much Listen to the definition

Yrrek (2005) – The act of being crazy

Ystan (2017) — When you describe a food that is so gross you want someone else to try it. Listen to the Podcast

Yubbny (2016): The act of laughing about bunnies Listen to the Podcast

Yurp: (2013) he act of burping while saying yup. Listen to the podcast



Zabah (2018) — A filler word when you have nothing else. Listen to the Definition

Zabatotmato (2015) — A small rodent that’s cute but vicious and may bite. (Listen to the podcast)

Zabbioheld (2018) — A kind of fruit that grows on a tree. Listen to the Definition

Zagaling (2010) – Where you are very hungry. Listen to the word

Zalambzy (2016): A fat animal Listen to the Podcast

Zalk (2012) – Loud energetic talk. Listen to the Podcast

Zapot (2015) — Oval shaped signs on the left side of the highway. (Listen to the podcast)

Zapple (2009) – A big ugly zit! Listen to the definition

Zathtrakaz – (2008) Very, very weird! Listen to the definition

Zawk (2011) — A hawk combined with a zebra. Listen to the definition.

Zciwohcalism (2006) – the act of looking at the ceiling when thinking hard about something.

Zcomb (2018) — A comb that you can dye your hair with different colors. Listen to the Definition

Zedz: (2014) The act of running fast. //Listen to the podcast//

Zeez Zuts (2019) — The German joke of “Deez nuts” in German (listen to the podcast)

Zef (2009) – The act of shoop da whooping (see lazer collection on youtube to see what shoop da whoop is) Listen to the definition

Zeke (2017) — The act of steamrolling someone while barely slowing down. //Listen to the Podcast//

Zelfie (2016): A selfie taken by a zebra Listen to the Podcast

Zenalania– (2008) A place of zen and tranquility Listen to the definition

Zergins (2010) -Special shoes that have springs in them.They can bounce up to 50 feet! Listen to the word

Zerzixexetrilutavzeurkintukilendovazervenzeblenvaz (2015) — 1. Another word for bathroom 2. A name one would call another to let them know they are being a jerk or a brat. (Listen to the podcast)

Zi-cioty (2015) — A society of zi-goat lovers. (Listen to the podcast)

Ziglag – (2008) A man eating hairball. Listen to the definition

Zi-Goat (2015) — A regular goat that has way more swag and one eye. 

Zil (2006) – The act of sticking your face in a cake.

Zilzigzimzipzikziczilzingzolzuk (2013) –bye Listen to the podcast

Zimer (2012) – To sizzle with speed. Listen to the Podcast

Zingeringding (2010) – Hitting metal to metal. Listen to the word.

Zipgoing– (2014) Zipping on the go. //Listen to the podcast//

Zi-Phobia (2015) — The fear of Zi-Goats taking over the Earth (Listen to the podcast)

Zipply: (2008) A fuzzy pentagon that dwells in people’s hoodie hoods. Listen to the definition

Zirmat (2023): The act of acting like a Zebra sleeping on a mat.

Zizzlegorbit: (2013) Something that somebody says when they are really aggravated Listen to the podcast

Zob– (2008) When something goes wrong or explodes. Listen to the definition

Zobo– (2014) The act of eating pizza with a fork. //Listen to the podcast//

Zoniczdecodaunporas (2009)- to be hungry and and be flying at the same time. Listen to the definition

Zonkey– (2008) A half donkey and half zebra like animal. Listen to the definition

Zoogle– (2008) Cup of hot chocolate that tastes like meatloaf.

Zooff (2007) – Someone or something moving very very very fast. Listen to the definition

Zouch (2018) — When you hit your head on a brick wall.Listen to the Definition

Zuck: (2014) Three towers next to each other. //Listen to the podcast//

Zummer — To go so fast that no one in the world can see you but your own imagination Listen to the definition

Zusiflu- (2014) A disease that makes you act like a GOD. //Listen to the podcast//

Zwig– (2008) An orange ostrich, wearing a pink tutu and eating a frozen mash potato TV dinner. Listen to the definition

Zzaj (2017) — Being addicted to being a dog. Listen to the Podcast

Zzil– (2008) The act of being weird.

Zzzzzoluc : (2014) The act of stealing another friends stuff. //Listen to the podcast//

Zzzzzzzzzzcratching (2014) The act of using a zebra leg as a back scratcher. //Listen to the podcast//