January 20

Invented Words of 2019

Here are words from 2019 … from the database …

Ailuj (2019) A sandwich filled with only vegetables (listen to the podcast) My favorite sandwich to eat for lunch is an ailuj
Antiphonism (2019) The act of being against listing to sound (listen to the podcast) It is an Antiphonism when you walk out of a concert
Anyale (2019) When you sit down for a long time and your butt print is on the chair (listen to the podcast) When I stood up there was an Anyale.
Avoxism (2019) The act of making things come to life (listen to the podcast) I started doing avoxism on pens to make them talk .
Baloknose (2019) When you get a runny nose for no reason (listen to the podcast) During school Kyle got a baloknose and had to go to the nurse because it was bleeding
Buffa (2019) When you break something (listen to the podcast) He buffa his moms favorite clay pot.
Bungus (2019) a game that is eatable (listen to the podcast) i ate bungus
Caillouf (2019) When Caillou oofs (listen to the podcast) Caillou cailloufed down the stairs
Cheezitis (2019) When you eat to much cheese so you get sick (listen to the podcast) “Uhg! I feel terrible, I thinkI have cheezitis.”
Chekeeza (2019) When you cough and wheeze at the same time (listen to the podcast) I was giving my speech when I chekeezad.
ChunkyChoco (2019) A chunk of chocolate that is bigger than your head (listen to the podcast) There was a chunkychoco in my ice cream.
Clickshen (2019) A person who clicks on too many things on a computer or laptop (listen to the podcast) My friend is a clickshen especially when she sees an advertisement for games.
Cocolaypaii (2019) A Hawaiian Lei made of coconut shells (listen to the podcast) When I arrived at the airport in Hawaii I was greeted with a Cocolaypaii
Dessertsuprize (2019) When you have a dessert and combine it with other desserts (listen to the podcast) I came home from school and my dad maid dessertsuprize
Dirdle (2019)



Eh (2019)

When aliens will take over the world (listen to the podcast)


The exact definition of maybe (listen to podcast)

I had a dream that the dirdle was happening




Exlpooby (2019) When you have a lot of energy and then poop your pants because you are scared or nervous (listen to the podcast) When I was little I would exlpooby and then get yelled at.
Exub (2019) When you want to take a picture of your self (listen to the podcast) When you want to take a Exub of your self.
Eyebald (2019) Having no eyebrows (listen to the podcast) When the plane blow up the explosion made me eyebald
Fingerlashitis (2019) A disease in which your finger nails are eyelashes and eyelashes are finger nails (listen to the podcast) Fingerlashitis is a hated disease and should be taken seriously
Floof (2019) A cute tiny animal that looks like a cotton ball with wings (listen to the podcast) A baby Floof needs to be walked to times a day
Flooferpoofer (2019) A big fluffy white wolf with 1 blue eye and 1 purple eye with a pink nose and a rainbow unicorn horn (listen to the podcast) The flooferpoofer ran through the bright forest.
Fooshy (2019) Very Very squishy ; food like (listen to the podcast) The bread I ate was fooshy
Fudgernuckle (2019) When your in awe and ticked off at the same time (listen to the podcast) When he punched me I was fudgernuckled.
Garmy (2019) Someone or something that is incredibly cringy or awkward (listen to the podcast) The cartoon my little sister watches is very garmy.
Googleitis (2019) The sickness/act of asking all your problems on Google (listen to the podcast) In school we did a long math problem but didn’t tell us the answer, so I got infected with Googleitis after I got the answer.
Gymhock (2019) A mix of doing gymnastics and playing hockey (listen to the podcast) Today I couldn’t decide to play hockey or do gymnastics so I, found the perfect mix, gymhock
Jiblewableish (2019) Speaking gibberish for no reason at anytime getting wobbly and feeling Omish (listen to the podcast) Today on my way to the bus stop I felt jiblewableish.
Kcaj (2019) A person thats messed up in the head (listen to the podcast) My brother called me a kcaj
Krad (2019) The way of saying morning meeting (listen to the podcast) Can we do krad now?
Land Piranha (2019) A piranha that lives on land (listen to the podcast) I fell into a pit of land pirranah
Leverything (2019) When you laugh at everything (listen to the podcast) I hate when I leverything
Mallzup (2019) The act of climbing up stairs, missing one, and falling up (listen to the podcast) My sister always laughs at me when I mallzup.
Mealavistion (2019) When your addicted to eating meals while you watch tv (listen to the podcast) My mom said I have mealavistion.
Namloc (2019) When you forget your name (listen to the podcast) I forgot my name so I had namloc
Omppuffpop (2019) When your food explodes for no reason (listen to the podcast) I woke up to a loud noise, and when I walked into the kitchen I saw my food had omppuffpop
Paulcanty (2019) Someone who is crazy (listen to the podcast) Tim was being such a Paulcanty running around like that
Philliced (2019) The act of tripping because of wrongly sized shoes (listen to the podcast) When I got my new shoes I constantly philliced.
Poblot (2019) A parking lot for penguins (listen to the podcast) After a long hard day Poblo the penguin parked in the poblot and had some flaming hot Cheetos.
Pufalufa (2019) A fluffy animal that shrinks when you wash it and turns into a vacuum cleaner (listen to the podcast) My brother took the Pufalufa and threw it out the window.
Ramptive (2019) A person who likes to ram over people (listen to the podcast) My brother is ramptive and runs to the wall
Rufferd (2019) When you are being shoved around by people (listen to the podcast) When you play football you get rufferd around.
Squishmania (2019) When you’re addicted to squishies (listen to the podcast) I am squshiemania for squishies
Stfmp (2019) When you stomp on a tiny alien wearing a sombrero (listen to the podcast) I really hope I don’t stfmp today like yesterday.
Swiggle (2019) A dance move when you are feeling silly or wanting to celebrate (listen to the podcast) I made a foul shot and then I swiggled.
Swumming (2019) Snowing in the summer (listen to the podcast) It was swumming when I was swimming at the local pool
Taritheo (2019) The state of owning way too much bread (listen to the podcast) Tom, you might be taritheo if you like 1000 loafs of bread.
Tinyatoematidus (2019) A case of small toes (listen to the podcast) I was diagnosed with tinyatoematidus.
Toon (2019) A turkey and raccoon hybrid (listen to the podcast) I saw a rare toon.
Treb (2019) When you hit your funny bone and you lose the circulation in your hole arm (listen to the podcast) When I was playing basketball I fell and had a treb.
Trilly (2019) To be funny around trees (listen to the podcast) Billy was trilly in the woods last night.
Trumppet (2019) Trump’s pet (listen to the podcast) I heard on the news that someone got a trumppet.
Wanderling (2019) The point of wandering around to being confused, dizzy, or lost (listen to the podcast) I was so dizzy after wanderling around that I passed out.
Weppnty (2019) To run out of webs (listen to the podcast) Spider-man lost the fight because he was weppnty
Xyblonked (2019) When you hit your head on a rectangular shaped object (listen to the podcast) I xyblonked my head on the wall.
Yabble (2019) A long stick with a circle of red or black light (listen to the podcast) I fought my friend with my yabble
Zeez Zuts (2019) The german joke of “Deez nuts” in German (listen to the podcast) In german- Class what’s 2+2=4+51? ZEEZ ZUTS!!! OK WHO EVER SAID THAT IS HAVING DETENTION