January 3

Queen’s Mission (Mr. H’s Hero’s Adventure Game)

Play the game at Gamestar Mechanic (or right in the post down below)

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December 10

A Hero’s Quest Video Game: The Odyssey of Tara

Check out a game — The Odyssey of Tara — and see if you can help Tara get home. Notice the aspects of story design in my game, and how the elements of the ‘story frame’ move the game from level to level.

Play The Odyssey of Tara

Go to Gamestar Mechanic to log-in

And student Hero Quest games from other years:

— Mr. Hodgson

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December 10

Gamestar Mechanic: Come Play


Sixth Grade Gamers!

In the coming weeks, we will be using this site called Gamestar Mechanic to design and publish a video game project with the theme of a Hero’s Journey adventure. For now, you just need to Log In at the game design site, and begin the first Quest — which gives you experience, and tools, and moves you towards being able to create and publish your own video games.


— Mr. H



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March 14

Video Game Showcase: Don’t Move

This is by Logan. The game title is the instruction on how to play. This is sort of a Rube Goldberg concept in video game format.

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