About The Electronic Pencil

This is a space where sixth graders at Norris Elementary School will be sharing some of their work and where their writing teacher — Mr. H — will be providing examples of projects and guidelines to assignments.

Thank you for visiting.

– Mr. H

6 thoughts on “About The Electronic Pencil

  1. Kira k

    This summer I went to New Hampshire with my cousins Lauren & Mitchell.
    There was a dock, a 3 story house and a raft to swim out to.
    Then I spent a week at Cape Cod with Lauren, Mitchell & our grandma K too. When we were there, we went to the red barn. That is an arcade.
    The last vacation we went on was with our grandma & grandpa L in Maine for a week. That had the best indoors
    pool ever.
    By Kira

  2. Devan

    Hi. I really liked your movies on your home page. Your blog is really cool.I hope are classes blog gets this good.
    come and take a look at ares.

  3. Gisel

    Hi, there. I’m Gisel, an English teacher in Argentina. Great blog! I’m trying to include these kinds of elements in my classes too, so that my students have an excuse to use their basic English outside the classroom.

  4. Monica

    I enjoy reading dictionaries and learning new words. Your crazy dictionary was fun to read and so imaginative. If only I could use some of those words in a game of Scrabble.


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