December 29

Game Showcase: The Maze (by Riley S. in 6R)

Check out Riley’s game — The Maze — and how it forces the player to think through options for completing the game, as part of a story.

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December 28

Game Showcase: Hunt for Hades by Nora

Play Nora’s game — Hunt for Hades — and notice how she uses story and game design at each level of the game.

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December 23

Game Showcase: Mether’s Journey by Ryan

Play Ryan’s game – Mether’s Journey


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December 6

Frozen Readers: Mannequin Challenge

We countered our deep discussion about the potential negative aspects of viral media in our talk about online bullying with the positive side by participating as classes in the Mannequin Challenge — we froze in motion with our books.

Check out the one done at the Library of Congress in Washington DC — more frozen readers …

December 3

A Hero’s Quest Video Game: The Odyssey of Tara

Soon, you will be making your own Hero’s Quest video game, based on some aspect of the Hero’s Journey Story Design. Check out mine — The Odyssey of Tara — and see if you can help Tara get home. Notice the aspects of story design in my game, and how the elements of the ‘story frame’ move the game from level to level.

Play The Odyssey of Tara

— Mr. Hodgson.

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