March 5

Interactive Fiction Story: The Bike

We are now working on an Interactivd Fiction¬†activity with Google Slides. Here is Mr. Hodgson’s sample, called The Bike, using Google Slides. While this is not on the same theme as your theme of an archaeological discovery, it gives you a view of how the Interactive Story works.

First, I made a map:
Story Map The Bike

Then, I wrote my story:

— Mr H

February 28

Parts of Speech: Making Your Own Mad Libs

Today, you get to play around with Madlibs, as we work on Parts of Speech.

First, check out the Madlib story that I created :


Next, make your own with the Madlib Generator. Ask a friend to play it.


THEN, copy the link to YOUR MadLib and put it on the Padlet Interactive Wall, so that we can play your Mad Lib, too.

Created with Padlet

Here’s how you find the link to share on the Padlet wall:



Double-Click on the Wall

madlib padlet

Add title, name and then link


Finally, go to the Wacky Web Tales site and play at least two Madlib games.

Have fun!

–Mr H

January 4

Your Online Book Report

To complete this assignment for independent reading, you need to go into your Google Account, and into Slides. There, you will find a template for “book report.” You can change the theme, and tinker with the texts. But keep the slides there and be sure to complete each section and proofread and then share with Mr. Hodgson.

Here is the one that Mr. H did as a sample for the book he read:

December 30

Game Showcase: The Darkest Temple (Aidan J.)

The Darkest Temple by Aidan J. is an outstanding example of how to mesh together story and game design. Play his game and play his story. Notice how each level advances the story a bit further along, and the game even ends with a hint of something more to come ….

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