March 20

Celebrating Quidditch with Stopmotion Animation

Making Animation with ParaPara

Remember this site? See if you can make your own short animation with a Quidditch Team theme.

Check out the ParaPara Animation Site

See what a student made one year during Quidditch Season:


And see my happy face:

Once you make your animation and if you want to save it, grab the link for your animation and share it with us by adding a comment to this blog post. I will show you how to do that.

–Mr H.

March 5

Interactive Fiction Story: The Bike

We are now working on an Interactivd Fiction activity with Google Slides. Here is Mr. Hodgson’s sample, called The Bike, using Google Slides. While this is not on the same theme as your theme of an archaeological discovery, it gives you a view of how the Interactive Story works.

First, I made a map:
Story Map The Bike

Then, I wrote my story:

— Mr H