January 20

Invented Words of 2018

Here are words from 2018 … from the database …

Arttart Someone who does not understand the meaning behind a piece of artwork. When looking at the artwork, my friend was an arttart because she didn’t understand it.
Atkizolation The act of stealing a potato and riding pig I was arrested for atkizolation.
BaelboeclnoyopositionypleoziymL A contagious fungus. My foot got a BaelboeclnoyopositionyplcoziymL
Blizzle When you catch a football Rob Gronkowski blizzled the ball.
Boam The act of smashing your finger into a box. On Christmas I boamed my finger into every present I couldn’t open.
Bolopolob A pencil/pen Where is my bolopolob?
Booshful A way of acting prideful about something unimpressive My cousin acted booshful when she sharpened her pencil.
Bort The act of getting angry because of a loss. When we won, the other team borted.
Bublegubl Running around and blowing bubbles at once Today I kept buglegubling,
Carlapa The act of owning lots of fish and talking to them. Carlapa is what not many people do.
Chinsuwkon The act of having multiple dog breeds in one dog. I want a chinsuwkon as a dog please.
Cogurt Cold Yogurt My dog loves cogurt!
Colup It is cold soup, Do you want some colup?
Coolheatjacket A jacket that if you are in the cold it reacts to the cold and heats up and if you’re in hot weather, it cools down. Dad, I need a coolheatjacket.
Eetelreck The act of falling out of a tree Walking down the street, I saw a bird eetelreck.
Farckel A decease when you have freckles. My sister has farckel decease.
Fatamychicken A fat chicken named Amy I went outside to see fatamychickens butt checks against the window.
Ffolight The act of reading in the dark At night, I ffolight.
Fiddle-Gurk The act of falling out of a tree. I fiddle-gurked 10 feet and broke my leg.
Frugalflof Playing basketball upside down I was playing Frugalflof in the gym yesterday.
Gack When you climb a tree and find a slug. I went outside and gacked.
Gailoble The act of being funny My friend laughed and thought I was being gailoble.
Hiddil When your eyelids feel so heavy, you can barely open them. My eyelids felt hiddiled when I woke up early in the morning.
Hitthrow The act of cheching the ball and getting hit at the at the same time. I wached a football game and there was some hitthrow.
Huljiblama The act of going to a new place I am going to huljiblama!
Hyperful The act of being to hyper Wow, you are very hyperful.
Hyrim When the clock hits 12:33. Rylie left at hyrim to get to the bus.
Kicktion The act of kicking things with no control The kid behind me in line had a problem of kicktion.
Lamo Tripping and falling out the window. My brother was about to dump water on my head until he went lamo.
Lootle The act of staring at a clock. A person may find themselves lootling if they have nothing to do.
Lunction To be carrying a lot of stuff in your hands I had a lot of lunction in my hands
Lurdle Jumping super high I was lurdle on my trampoline.
Mip A myth that has been proven real I woke up to a unicorn on my yard which is one of the many mip’s of the world.
Momspegetti The act of your mom making spaghetti. My mom was momapegetting in the kitchen.
Nower A machine that knows everything I don’t know this. I need the the nower.
Ocip It’s a hedgehog that runs on it’s wheel all night and eats very loud. Oicp was running on his wheel and I could hear it.
Octobellychanband The act of creating a song with your stomach as the instuments Me and my friends tried to make a octobellychanband but it wasn’t to successful.
Oge Where you have been playing to much video games, and your parents say you have to go outside. My parents oged me today.
Oohf The act of getting hurt- what you say when you get hurt. Ali oohfed when she stubbed her toe on the table.
Peiagount The obsession of sucking other people’s wet toes. I soon discovered that I have a peiagount obsession.
Pyrobaskettogreeniball A green basketball that is on fire. I walked down the street bouncing my pyrobaskettogreeniball.
Sandraulotaurus The act of putting your shoe on backwards. This morning I was very tired and I sandraulotaurused.
Sdrow Another word for drawing I sdrowed in art the other day.
Selimynams Many miles Birds fly many selimynams a day.
Shank A stupid, puny, idiot. I guess this Shank doesn’t know how to drive a car’!!!
Shmebnog The meaning of a word that makes no sense That makes no shmebnog to me.
Shnigascape Riding the public BUS! Take a ride on the shnigascape to the mall.
Slode It is a shoe that vibrates My feet hurt so I need a pair of slodes.
Snipeic Being able to do anything you want I want to snipeic.
Snowwork The work, or correcting, that is done on a snow day The storm was a complete surprise, so I didn’t have any snowwork with me.
Stivink Stop driving drunk Will you stivink?
Sugarslap When you have so much sugar you passout My cousin had a sugarslap after the party.
Susce To get juke out so bad that you fall Kyrie Irving susce people on the basketball court.
Tahcpans To reverse or make a photo look cool When you want to play around with your photo your on tahcpans.
TipTipTip A very pointy ceiling I hit my head on the tiptiptip because I was so tall.
Trahcboj When someone behaves differently;strange, awkward My sister acted trahcboj when she got back from Texas.
Verbcredxy A part of speech about trees moving The pine tree moving is a verbcredy.
Wallardishen The act of running into a wall. George wallardishened a lot because he is blind.
Yawaffle The act of eating a waffle with whipped cream and frosting on it. I yawaffled this morning and it was great.
Yetiphoby Means your scared of yeti coolers. I saw a yeti cooler it has too much metal awwwwwwww
Zabah A filler word when you have nothing else I woke up saying zabah.
Zabbioheld A kind of fruit that grows on a tree I love the taste of a zabbioheld.
Zcomb A comb that you can dye your hair with different colors. I dyed my hair with the Zcomb
Zouch When you hit your head on a brick wall One day I was looking down at my phone and I walked right in to a brick wall. Zouch!