December 13

The Queen’s Mission

(This is what the Level Map Challenge can provide you: a map of your game)
You can play Mr. Hodgson’s Hero’s Quest game. Notice the story-frame element.

Play The Queen’s Mission


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December 6

A Hero’s Quest Video Game: The Odyssey of Tara

Check out a game — The Odyssey of Tara — and see if you can help Tara get home. Notice the aspects of story design in my game, and how the elements of the ‘story frame’ move the game from level to level.

Play The Odyssey of Tara

Go to Gamestar Mechanic to log-in

And student Hero Quest games from last year:

— Mr. Hodgson

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December 4

Gamestar Mechanic: Come Play

gamestarSixth Grade Gamers!

In the coming weeks, we will be using this site called Gamestar Mechanic to design and publish a video game project WITH THE THEME OF THE HERO’S JOURNEY. For now, you just need to REGISTER the game design site, and join “MR H’S GAMESTERS classroom,” and begin the first Quest — which gives you experience, and tools, and moves you towards being able to create and publish your own video games.


— Mr. H



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December 4

Hour of Code: Making/Playing Flappy Bird Games

Make your own Flappy Bird game (but first, learn how to code it).

flappy spaceship

You can play Mr. Hodgson’s game — Flappy Spaceship —

Or Mr. Hodgson’s son’s game — Flappy Santa —

When you make YOUR GAME, be sure to get the link and share it at this site. (Just click on the wall, add your name and the name of your game, and paste in the link to your game).

flappy padlet

The Hour of Code does not end this week, so feel free to return when you want.

– Mr. H

November 30

Last Year’s Video Game Showcase

Here are a few of the Hero’s Quest games from last year that I think showed good use of story and game design. They also give you a sense about the use of Gamestar Mechanic.