November 19

Interactive Story: The Bike

We are now working on an interactive writing activity in connection to Social Studies. Here is Mr. Hodgson’s sample, called The Bike, using Google Slides. While this is not on the same theme as your writing in Social Studies, it gives you a view of how the Interactive Story works.

First, I made a map:
Story Map The Bike

Then, I wrote my story:

— Mr H

November 17

Your Online Book Report

To complete this assignment (due by the last day of November), you need to go into your Google Account, and into Slides. There, you will find a template for “book report.” You can change the theme, and tinker with the texts. But keep the slides there and be sure to complete each section and proofread and then share with Mr. Hodgson.

Here is the one that Mr. H did as a sample for the book he has been reading: