May 3

Advanced Art Tools: Draw Island and OneMotion Sketch

You may want something more advanced for the art for your Picture Book Project. If so, this site — Draw Island — might work for you. It has a variety of tools but is not too overly complicated to use.

Draw Island

If you want more water-color-style, then try out OneMotion’s Sketch Tool.

OneMotion Sketch

In either case, create something and then save it to your computer. Then, upload it as art into the My Awesome Publishing site.

April 27

Making Visual Poetry

visual poetry tutorial
After you write your poem, head on over to the Visual Poetry site and create a Shape Poem version of your poem about Quidditch. Use the words to make the shape of the thing you have written about.

Go to the Visual Poetry site

When you are done, be sure to SAVE/DOWNLOAD your image from Visual Poetry and then UPLOAD it into your Google Doc file, so that you have both versions of your poem. Then, share your Google Doc with me.

–Mr H.

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April 14

National STEM Video Game Challenge is Now Open

An announcement about this 2016 National STEM Video Game Challenge was finally released this month.

For more information, read about the challenge. The deadline for submitting (which you can do through Gamestar Mechanic) a game with a science, math or technology theme is August 15.

This is from the news release:

The STEM Challenge is open to middle school and high school students in the U.S. in grades five through twelve. Students may enter as individuals or as teams of up to four members. Entries can be created using any game creation platform such as Gamestar Mechanic, Unity, GameMaker, and Scratch or as a written game design document. The deadline to submit entries is August 15, 2016. Each winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000, as well as game design and educational software. Student winners will be invited to a special event at National Geographic in Washington, DC in November 2016. – See more at:

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