December 11

Game Design Challenges: STEM and PEMDAS

Each year, there is an event known as the STEM Video Game Challenge. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Gamestar Mechanic is one of the partners of the challenge (winners get cash prizes (up to $1,000), technology equipment and often, a paid trip to Washington DC or New York City for the STEM Video Awards Ceremony).

How about trying your hand at a science-based video game?

These are some winners from last year … and these come right from Gamestar. Play these games and see if you can do better (I bet you can!)

Artificial — Gamestar Mechanic, Middle School Winner
by Kyle Roke

The Hunger Game — Games for Change, Middle School Winner
by Ruth Elahi, Hannah Tamagni, and Liakadja Whitesell

Extinction — Gamestar Mechanic, High School Winner
Mason Felton

When more information about the 2018 STEM Video Game Challenge is released, I will let you all know, and then I can work with anyone who wants help.

MEANWHILE,  Mr. Smith is hosting a PEMDAS Math Operations Game challenge — you can find the instructions in your WORKSHOP (go to bottom). He will rate games based on how interesting the game is to play and accuracy in math. He will award prizes!

Play Mr. Smith’s PEMDAS game

— Mr. H

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December 8

The Queen’s Mission (A Game Under Construction)

(This is what the Level Map Challenge can provide you: a map of your game)
You can play Mr. Hodgson’s Hero’s Quest game, as it is being developed. Each update will include the version number of the game. Notice the story-frame element.

Play The Queen’s Mission


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November 27

A Hero’s Quest Video Game: The Odyssey of Tara

Soon, you will be making your own Hero’s Quest video game, based on some aspect of the Hero’s Journey Story Design. Check out mine — The Odyssey of Tara — and see if you can help Tara get home. Notice the aspects of story design in my game, and how the elements of the ‘story frame’ move the game from level to level.

Play The Odyssey of Tara

There are also more featured student game projects from other years embedded here at the Electronic Pencil. I hope some of your projects will also be here in the coming weeks:

Other games from other years (with different themes) are also available with this link, but you will have to scroll through to older posts.

— Mr. Hodgson

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November 20

Gamestar Mechanic: Come Play


Hello Sixth Grade Gamers!

In the coming weeks, we will be using this site called Gamestar Mechanic to design a video game WITH THE THEME OF THE HERO’S JOURNEY. For now,  you just need to join the game design site, and join our “classroom,” and begin the first Quest — which gives you experience, and tools, and moves you towards being able to create and publish your own video games.


— Mr. H



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