June 2

Adding Your Sound Story to Writing Portfolio

sound embed

For those who want to add their Sound Story to your portfolio … You need to add a “Gadget” that creates an embedded audio player in your page so that you can listen without downloading the audio file.

First, go to your page where you want to embed your audio.

Second, upload your Sound Story as an audio file (see the file upload link at bottom of the page?)

Third, to to Insert, and then in the middle column, click on “more gadgets” and then “add gadget by URL.”

Fourth, put this particular web address into the search of the ” Add Gadget by URL”: https://sites.google.com/site/basler45678/home/html5-audio-player.xml 

Fifth, grab the “web address” of your uploaded Sound Story (by right clicking on the download arrow button)

Sixth, add the URL of your audio to the Gadget by replacing the URL in the gadget.




This teacher explains it more detail here: